Commit e3fc71e0 authored by Jody Goldberg's avatar Jody Goldberg

simplify the jhbuildrc and pull the moduleset from the net by default.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=16712
parent 1c84d742
# -*- mode: python -*-
# edit this file to match your settings and copy it to ~/.jhbuildrc
# if you have a GNOME svn account, uncomment this line
#repos[''] = 'svn+ssh://'
# what module set should be used. The default at the moment is 'gnome-2.16',
# but it can be any of the files in the modulesets directory, or even
# the URL of a module set file on a web server.
# moduleset = 'gnome-2.18'
# A list of the modules to build. Defaults to the Gnome Desktop and
# developer platform.
moduleset = '/gnome/src/gnumeric/tools/moduleset'
#moduleset = checkoutroot = os.path.expanduser('~/gnome/src')
#moduleset = '/gnome/src/gnumeric/tools/moduleset'
moduleset = ''
modules = [ 'gnumeric' ]
# what directory should the source be checked out to?
checkoutroot = os.path.expanduser('~/checkout/gnome2')
# the prefix to configure/install modules to (must have write access)
prefix = os.path.expanduser('~/gnome/build')
checkoutroot = os.path.expanduser('~/gnome/src')
......@@ -29,19 +15,12 @@ checkoutroot = os.path.expanduser('~/gnome/src')
addpath('PKG_CONFIG_PATH', os.path.join(os.sep, 'usr', 'lib', 'pkgconfig'))
addpath('PKG_CONFIG_PATH', os.path.join(os.sep, 'usr', 'share', 'pkgconfig'))
# extra arguments to pass to all scripts
# to speed up builds of gnome2, try '--disable-static --disable-gtk-doc'
# it is also possible to set CFLAGS this way, 'CFLAGS="-g -O2"' for example
# On SMP systems you may use something like this to improve compilation time:
# be aware that not all modules compile correctly with make -j2
#make_args = '-j2'
# a alternative install program to use.
# The included install-check program won't update timestamps if the
# header hasn't changed
os.environ['INSTALL'] = os.path.expanduser('~/bin/install-check')
autogenargs += ' --prefix='+prefix
# disable gnome-vfs, it is not required for basic builds
module_autogenargs['libgsf'] = autogenargs + """ --without-gnome-vfs --without-bonobo"""
# We disabled gnome-vfs in gsf, disable gnome to match
module_autogenargs['gnumeric'] = autogenargs + """ --without-gnome"""
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