Commit d34d6613 authored by Morten Welinder's avatar Morten Welinder

Introspection non-fixes.

After this patch, "(scope call)" annotations are correct.
There are still lots of "(scope async)" annotations that are wrong, including
the two introduced here.
parent cfe86185
......@@ -1725,7 +1725,7 @@ cb_pane_sliding (GnmPane *pane)
* @pane: The GnmPane managing the scroll
* @canvas: The Canvas the event comes from
* @slide_flags:
* @handler: (scope call): The handler when sliding
* @handler: (scope async): The handler when sliding
* @user_data: closure data
* Handle a motion event from a @canvas and scroll the @pane
......@@ -3708,7 +3708,7 @@ style_parser_done (GsfXMLIn *xin, XMLSaxParseState *old_state)
* gnm_xml_prep_style_parser:
* @xin:
* @attrs:
* @handler: (scope call):
* @handler: (scope async):
* @user: user data.
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