Commit d1519d3e authored by Morten Welinder's avatar Morten Welinder

CELL: a bit of investigation into what "color" is supposed to do.

parent 0f5b4209
......@@ -229,6 +229,12 @@ gnumeric_cell (GnmFuncEvalInfo *ei, GnmValue const * const *argv)
* in the number format, e.g., 1 for format "[Black]0;-0;0" but not
* for format "0;-0;[Green]0"
* Another place where Excel doesn't conform to its documentation!
* 20180503: and even the above isn't right. What appears to be test
* is this:
* (a) The format must be conditional; "[Red]0" won't do
* (b) One of the first two conditional formats must have a color
* specified.
} else if (!g_ascii_strcasecmp (info_type, "color")) {
/* See 1.7.6 for old version. */
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