Commit c57ac947 authored by Morten Welinder's avatar Morten Welinder


parent 7017a7ee
......@@ -5225,7 +5225,7 @@ Jody:
* Adjust the semantics of empty cells passed to optional arguments
* Pretty up the legend a bit
* Be more expansive about what constitutes General.
* Tweak the paramters of what XL thinks the size of 'Courier' is.
* Tweak the parameters of what XL thinks the size of 'Courier' is.
* Add basic Scatter plot.
* Fix dynamic depend leak.
......@@ -2302,7 +2302,7 @@ Sun Jan 30 15:40:50 EST 2000 Gregory McLean <>
* src/workbook.c: Added Autosave tool.
* src/workbook.h: Added autosave paramters to the Workbook struct.
* src/workbook.h: Added autosave parameters to the Workbook struct.
* src/dialog-solver: Fixed a constraint delete bug.
......@@ -7351,7 +7351,7 @@ Sun Jan 30 15:40:50 EST 2000 Gregory McLean <>
* src/dialogs/dialogs.h: Change prototype.
* src/print.c (workbook_print): Implemented PRINT_ACTIVE_SHEETS,
added default_range paramter: use for now; renamed (sheet_print)
added default_range parameter: use for now; renamed (sheet_print)
(print_sheet): preconditions (sheet_print_selection): renamed.
* src/print.h (workbook_print): Move PrintRange enum here & re-name.
......@@ -6178,7 +6178,7 @@
Extract textdomain from xml.
* src/func.c (gnm_func_add, gnm_func_add_stub): Add new
"textdomain" paramter. All callers changed.
"textdomain" parameter. All callers changed.
* src/gnumeric-gconf.c: Transparently watch all configuration
options of types int, bool, double, and string.
......@@ -13662,7 +13662,7 @@
* src/sheet-autofill.c (sheet_autofill_hint): New function.
(sheet_autofill_internal): Split out from sheet_autofill.
(afm_teach_cell): Deduce dateconv here instead of as an init
(afa_teach_cell): Deduce dateconv here.
(afa_set_cell): Set format correctly.
......@@ -29,14 +29,14 @@ function.
[ NB. there are several types of function; more of this later ]
This defines our function, the paramters in order are:
This defines our function, the parameters in order are:
'cat' The category handle obtained earlier
'add2numbers' The function name ( as used in gnumeric )
'ff' The argument token type string, this tells gnumeric that
we are expecting two floating point arguments.
'number1,...' Symbolic names for the arguments (in case our function
supports them, this allows users to specify named paramters)
supports them, this allows users to specify named parameters)
'help_add2..' This links in the help text
'add2numbers' This is the name of the function that gnumeric will call
to evaluate the function.
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