Commit b03b297d authored by Morten Welinder's avatar Morten Welinder

mstyle: debug improvement.

parent c08cd9f8
2014-10-21 Morten Welinder <>
* src/mstyle.c (gnm_style_dump_color): Also dump auto flag.
2014-09-25 Morten Welinder <>
* Post-release bump.
......@@ -2209,10 +2209,12 @@ static void
gnm_style_dump_color (GnmColor *color, GnmStyleElement elem)
if (color)
g_printerr ("\t%s: %x:%x:%x\n", gnm_style_element_name [elem],
g_printerr ("\t%s: %x:%x:%x%s\n",
gnm_style_element_name [elem],
GO_COLOR_UINT_R (color->go_color),
GO_COLOR_UINT_G (color->go_color),
GO_COLOR_UINT_B (color->go_color));
GO_COLOR_UINT_B (color->go_color),
color->is_auto ? " auto" : "");
g_printerr ("\t%s: (NULL)\n", gnm_style_element_name [elem]);
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