Commit a87c64c1 authored by Morten Welinder's avatar Morten Welinder

Shutdown: help the style leak printer out a bit.

Shut down styles before font/color/border so those still make sense
when the leak printer prints them.
parent 577a3bca
......@@ -373,11 +373,14 @@ gnm_shutdown (void)
parse_util_shutdown ();
value_shutdown ();
// The style leak printer may access font/border/color info so
// shut styles down first.
gnm_style_shutdown ();
gnm_font_shutdown ();
gnm_border_shutdown ();
gnm_color_shutdown ();
gnm_conf_shutdown ();
gnm_style_shutdown ();
_gnm_unregister_resource ();
libgoffice_shutdown ();
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