Commit 9f643cc5 authored by Arturo Espinosa's avatar Arturo Espinosa


parent d59eb822
Change between versions 0.27 and 0.28
Change between versions 0.28 and 0.29
Print support (imported from the GNUMERIC_PRINT branch).
Pattern selector works again.
Imported Alan's libCSV and rewrwite ff-csv so that it actually works.
Add import feature. Drop some normal loaders and make them importers
Fixed lots of print stuff.
Added EmbeddableGrid Bonobo support for embedding graphics.
Added header/footer printing code.
Extended the CORBA interface for sheets
Added Grid corba interface
Rasca Gmelch:
HTML import plugin
* Started the implementation of Data Analysis tools
- Implemented Correlation and Covariance tools
- Implemented Descriptive Statistics Tool
- Implemented Sampling Tool
- Implemented t-Test Tools (paired, assuming equal variance, and
assuming unequal variance)
- Implemented z-Test Tool
- Implemented F-Test Tool
- Implemented Random Number Generation Tool with the following
distributions: Discrete, Normal, and Uniform.
- Started implementation of Regression Tool
- Implemented Moving Average Tool
- Started implementation of Rank and Percentile Tool
- Added some documentation about these tools
* Added the following functions:
* And fixed these functions:
- SUMIF() and N().
* Found everyones memory leaks
- Documented Analysis tools
* Fixed up function wizard.
* Improved Excel writing code
- Formulae should import into Excel.
- Text / numbers work nicely.
* Prettified 'sort' slightly.
* Implemented Name support.
* More improved Excel writing code
Nick Lamb
Jody Goldberg
* Completed Excel colour handling (Hopefully).
* Improved Excel format support for formulas.
* Initial implementation of array formulas.
* Worked on embryonic Excel chart code
Several translations updated: thanks to our translators
And lots of bugs fixed.
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