Commit 9bca9f11 authored by Jody Goldberg's avatar Jody Goldberg

Add some missing PTG & BIFF types.

Command line controlled debug switches.
Partial extended PTG support (any one know of more documentation ??)
Correct typos in default formats.
parent 72fc0fde
1999-07-01 Jody Goldberg <>
* formula-types.h : Add some missing ptg types.
* ms-excel-read.c : ms_excel_read_debug, ms_excel_formula_debug,
ms_excel_color_debug, ms_excel_chart_debug. Declare and use these
to allow command line control so that we can ask remote users for
debug info.
(excel_builtin_formats) : Correct some typos.
(ms_excel_read_formula) : Document errors in Excel SDK.
(ms_excel_get_name) : Handle workbook local names. (stub)
(ms_excel_read_name) : re-enable with name lookup. not connected yet.
* ms-excel-read.h : Add internal_names to workbook.
(ms_excel_get_name) : declare.
* ms-formula-read.c : switch to new debug scheme.
More verbose warnings for errors so we dont ignore them.
(FORMULA_PTG_NAME) : Partial implementation until I have time to look
at the branch.
(FORMULA_PTG_PERCENT) : Guess at this one.
Begin to handle 'extended' ptgs. Very minimal docs.
1999-07-01 Michael Meeks <>
* ms-formula-write.c (ms_formula_cache_init),
......@@ -27,9 +27,11 @@
#define FORMULA_PTG_U_PLUS 0x12
#define FORMULA_PTG_U_MINUS 0x13
#define FORMULA_PTG_PAREN 0x15
#define FORMULA_PTG_STR 0x17
#define FORMULA_PTG_ATTR 0x19
#define FORMULA_PTG_ERR 0x1c
#define FORMULA_PTG_BOOL 0x1d
......@@ -44,6 +46,8 @@
#define FORMULA_PTG_REFN 0x2c
#define FORMULA_PTG_AREAN 0x2d
#define FORMULA_PTG_NO_MEMN 0x2f
#define FORMULA_PTG_NAME_X 0x39
#define FORMULA_PTG_REF_3D 0x3a
#define FORMULA_PTG_AREA_3D 0x3b
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -87,7 +87,8 @@ typedef struct _MS_EXCEL_WORKBOOK
GPtrArray *XF_style_records;
GHashTable *font_data;
GHashTable *format_data;
GHashTable *name_data;
GHashTable *name_data; /* Seems to be for external names */
GPtrArray *internal_names; /* For internal names */
int read_drawing_group;
GPtrArray *excel_sheets;
......@@ -106,6 +107,8 @@ extern Sheet* biff_get_externsheet_name (MS_EXCEL_WORKBOOK *wb, guint16 idx, gbo
extern char* biff_get_text (BYTE *ptr, guint32 length, guint32 *byte_length);
extern const char* biff_get_error_text (const guint8 err);
extern char* biff_name_data_get_name (MS_EXCEL_SHEET *sheet, guint16 idx);
extern char const * ms_excel_get_name (MS_EXCEL_WORKBOOK *wb, int name_idx);
extern BIFF_BOF_DATA * ms_biff_bof_data_new (BIFF_QUERY * q);
extern void ms_biff_bof_data_destroy (BIFF_BOF_DATA * data);
This diff is collapsed.
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