Commit 98e90471 authored by Morten Welinder's avatar Morten Welinder

Perl: improve the dependency situation.

parent 3232b046
......@@ -22,9 +22,23 @@ nodist_perl_loader_la_SOURCES = \
# Auto dep tracking is off here. Add a few deps by hand
boot.lo: $(srcdir)/../../gnumeric-config.h $(srcdir)/../../src/gnumeric.h $(srcdir)/../../src/gnm-plugin.h
perl-loader.lo: $(srcdir)/../../gnumeric-config.h $(srcdir)/../../src/gnumeric.h $(srcdir)/../../src/expr.h $(srcdir)/../../src/value.h $(srcdir)/../../src/sheet.h
perl-gnumeric.lo: $(srcdir)/../../gnumeric-config.h $(srcdir)/../../src/gnumeric.h $(srcdir)/../../src/expr.h $(srcdir)/../../src/value.h $(srcdir)/../../src/func.h
some_deps = \
$(top_srcdir)/src/application.h \
$(top_srcdir)/src/expr.h \
$(top_srcdir)/src/func.h \
$(top_srcdir)/src/gnm-plugin.h \
$(top_srcdir)/src/gnumeric.h \
$(top_srcdir)/src/sheet.h \
$(top_srcdir)/src/value.h \
$(top_srcdir)/src/workbook.h \
$(top_srcdir)/src/workbook-view.h \
perl-gnumeric.h \
boot.lo: $(some_deps)
perl-loader.lo: $(some_deps)
perl-gnumeric.lo: $(some_deps)
# Use the right compiler. This is not 100% correct: we use GNUMERIC_CFLAGS
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