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Here is a task list for making the solver really cool
Regarding LP & ILP:
Critical bugs:
* fix crash: INT constraints support
* fix crash: MPS import when a model has already defined
* fix crash: if ("target cell" -> NULL) && ("input cells" -> NULL) then crach
* fix bug: check that target cell contains a formula
* fix bug: check that constraint LHS contains a number value
* fix bug: check that constraint RHS is a number value
* fix bug: solver parameters when the sheet is duplicated
* check that the program is properly defined (e.g. no #DIV0, #NUM!, ...)
- a badly formulated program may crash the spreadsheet
* fix all memory leaks
- a badly formulated program may still crash the spreadsheet
Usability fixes:
* add `keep original values dialog'
- fix the saving of these values twice
* get_lp_coeff: test that it's really LP
* add a status dialog for reporting while Solver is computing
- add abort button into it
* computing performance improvements:
- make the getting of LP coefficents faster
- the limits reporting slows things
Feature enhancements:
* fix assume non-negative being off
* implement bool constraints
* add algorithm options:
* add options:
- algorithm selection
- max iterations
- max time
- scaling
......@@ -28,6 +37,8 @@ Feature enhancements:
- fix constraints: allowable increase
- fix constraints: allowable decrease
* performance report:
- fix the titles of the data sparsity (make two line titles)
- fix OS to be bold
- add the name of the algorithm
- add options used
- fix user & system time reporting
......@@ -39,19 +50,8 @@ Feature enhancements:
- implement RANGES support
- clean up
* add more algorithms
- add a list selection dialog for algorithms into the main dialog
- try to integrate GLPK and SLATEC SPLP to see how they perform
- find or implement more algorithms: e.g. some interior point method
algorithms would be cool
* make the solver as a separate thread so that the user can continue working
while the solver is solving the program
- start a status dialog after a few hunderd msec if the solver is still
- add a callback function into the solve fn for interacting with the
status dialog
* computing performance improvements:
- make the getting of LP coefficents faster
- the limits reporting slows things
- finish the GLPK support; add confugure checking for it
- add support for algorithm specific options
* add example programs into samples/solver
......@@ -59,12 +59,15 @@ Misc:
- unbounded
* update the user documentation
- update the figures
- write sensitivity report section
- improve ILP section
* fix XL import and export of the solver parameters
* lpkit: remove/#if0 obsolete code
Regarding NLP:
Regarding QP:
* implement support for QP (quadratic programming)
- support for fetching the QP obj. fn
......@@ -72,4 +75,8 @@ Regarding NLP:
- QP solver algorithms
- QP results reporting
- QP extensions for the MPS plugin
Regarding NLP:
* implement support for general NLP
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