Commit 8c772ce2 authored by Morten Welinder's avatar Morten Welinder

Perl: attempt a fix for compilation problems.

I'm flying blind here.  Code isn't yet tested.
parent f37350df
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ typedef GObjectClass GnmPerlPluginLoaderClass;
static GnmValue*
call_perl_function_args (GnmFuncEvalInfo *ei, GnmValue const * const *args)
GnmFunc const *fndef;
GnmFunc *fndef;
gint min_n_args, max_n_args, n_args;
gint i;
gchar *perl_func;
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ call_perl_function_args (GnmFuncEvalInfo *ei, GnmValue const * const *args)
fndef = gnm_expr_get_func_def ((GnmExpr *)(ei->func_call));
perl_func = g_strconcat ("func_", fndef->name, NULL);
perl_func = g_strconcat ("func_", gnm_func_get_name (fndef, FALSE), NULL);
gnm_func_count_args (fndef, &min_n_args, &max_n_args);
for (n_args = min_n_args; n_args < max_n_args && args[n_args] != NULL; n_args++);
......@@ -200,8 +200,7 @@ make_gnm_help (const char *name, int count, SV **SP)
static void
gplp_func_load_stub (GOPluginService *service,
GnmFunc *func)
gplp_func_load_stub (GOPluginService *service, GnmFunc *func)
char const *name = gnm_func_get_name (func, FALSE);
char *args[] = { NULL };
......@@ -254,13 +253,9 @@ gplp_func_load_stub (GOPluginService *service,
g_free (help_perl_func);
g_free (desc_perl_func);
func->help = help;
func->test_status = GNM_FUNC_TEST_STATUS_UNKNOWN;
func->flags = GNM_FUNC_SIMPLE;
func->fn.args.func = call_perl_function_args;
func->fn.args.arg_spec = arg_spec;
gnm_func_set_function_type (func, GNM_FUNC_TYPE_ARGS);
gnm_func_set_fixargs (func, call_perl_function_args, arg_spec);
gnm_func_set_help (func, help, -1);
gnm_func_set_impl_status (func, GNM_FUNC_IMPL_STATUS_UNIQUE_TO_GNUMERIC);
static void
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