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To report Gnumeric bugs, please visit
To report Gnumeric bugs, please visit
This file is used as a scratch pad by developers. It is a list of known
issues that need to be addressed. Divided into, things that will prevent
......@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@ Misc stuff that should be fixed
- Missing undo/redo for
- Freeze panes (tricky this is a view attribute)
- `Add Scenario' Portion of Solver
- Sheet object configuration changes. (Done for graphs, lines, and fills)
- Workbook attr changes
- Adding autofilters
......@@ -172,8 +171,8 @@ Architecture Changes
8.13) xls
8.13.3) collect fonts from markup for export cells (DONE) comments text boxes comments (partial) text boxes (partial)
9) RTL
9.1) Drawing
......@@ -715,16 +714,13 @@ Architecture Changes
36.1.1) Cell Comments
36.2) Import
36.2.1) We fail to do proper white space handling on import, see
5.1.1 of the OpenDocument Standard. (It is only a minor
issue since files created by OOo or us work correctly.
In fact because of 36.3.1, we depend currently on this to
read our own files.)
5.1.1 of the OpenDocument Standard.
36.2.2) default col/row compression on OOo import. (DONE)
36.2.3) table styles (DONE)
36.2.4) col/row manual vs auto
36.3) Export
36.3.1) We don't handle whitespace correctly. See OpenDocument
format 5.1.1
format 5.1.1 (DONE)
36.4) See 11.4 (Conditionals)
36.5) See 12.6 (Input Messages)
36.6) See 21.46 (Autofilters)
Gnumeric 1.9.8
* Save and load text formatting of comments [#580838]
* Save and load text formatting of sheet object labels [#580979]
* Write all formulas to an odf file [#581937]
* Fix loading of arrays from ods files (and general array
partitioning) [#581953]
* Fix tag ordering in xlsx files [#581896]
* Allow MS generated ODF files to be opened
* Load large ODF files by increasing the sheet size.
* Fix writing of xlsx files with full extent [#569862]
* Write some character based formats to ODF files. [#553508]
* Save and load text formatting of comments and of sheet object
labels [#580979][#580838]
* Lots of improvements to the ODF exporter [#581937][#553508][# 582903]
* Some improvements to the ODF importer [#581953]
* Some improvements to the xlsx exporter [#569862][#581896]
* Write some character based formats to HTML files. [#582118]
* Handle whitespace in created ODF files correctly.
* Write cell styles to the ODF file. [#553508]
* Write cell borders to ODF and fix reading of cell borders from ODF.
[# 582903]
* Write column widths and row heights to ODF.
* Closer to a turnkey win32 build.
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