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<TITLE>The Gnumeric spreadsheet</TITLE>
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<P><BR><A HREF="#whatis">What is Gnumeric</A>
<BR><A HREF="screenshots">Screenshots</a>
<BR><A HREF="doc/C/gnumeric/gnumeric.html">User Manual</a>
<br><a href="#graphics">Graphics</a>
<BR><A HREF="#future">Future Gnumeric projects</A>
<BR><A HREF="#corba">CORBA and compound documents</A>
<BR><A HREF="#plugin">Plugin system&nbsp;</A>
<BR><A HREF="#lists">Mailing lists</A>
<BR><A HREF="#getting">Getting Gnumeric</A>
<BR><A HREF="#support">Support</a>
<BR><A HREF="#bugs">Reporting Bugs</A>
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gnumeric - The GNOME Spreadsheet
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<A NAME="whatis"></A>What is Gnumeric</H3>
The Gnumeric spreadsheet is part of the <A
HREF="">GNOME</A> desktop environment: a project
to create a free, user friendly desktop environment.&nbsp; As every
other component of GNOME, Gnumeric is <A
software</A>&nbsp; (Some other people like to call this OpenSource
software) and it is licensed under the terms of the GNU <A
Gnumeric will import your existing Excel, 1-2-3, Sylk, XBase and Oleo files.
If you are a developer and you want to contribute new importers (or
polishing and perfect existing importers) we welcome your patches.
Gnumeric is intended to be a replacement for a commercial spreadsheet,
so a lot of effort and work has still to go into it, but I believe we
have the right framework to do it.
The Gnumeric spreadsheet is developed with the GNU C compiler and the
user interface is prototyped and designed using the Glade GUI
<h3>Helping in Gnumeric</h3>
If you are interested in helping the development of Gnumeric, check
the list of <a
<a name="screenshots"></a>Screenshots</h3>
These screenshots are for version 0.42 of Gnumeric (a few
versions old)
<li>When you first launch Gnumeric, it looks like <a
<li>The new cell format dialog has been much improved, some
pictures here show the <a
href="new-pics/format-background.gif">background</a>, <a
href="new-pics/format-border.gif">border</a>, <a
href="new-pics/format-font.gif">font</a>, and <a
href="new-pics/format-number.gif">number </a> pages.
<li>Gnumeric has a number of <a
href="new-pics/analysis-tools.gif">Analysis tools</a>, once
you select a tool, you get to run it with your own data as
shown <a href="new-pics/regression.gif">here</a>. Of course
we do have a <a href="new-pics/goal-seek.gif">Goal seek</a>
<li>Gnumeric acts as the test-bed for the <a
component architecture and compound document architecture for
Unix systems</a>. Here you can see <a
href="new-pics/bonobo-embedded.gif">Gnumeric embedding a
shaped Gill object</a> (an SVG file).
<li>You can see how Gnumeric <a
href="new-pics/patterns.gif">supports the various excel
patterns and border types.</a> Of course, the coloring there is
terrible, but that just proves that we were not born with
a clear idea of good visual composition.
<li>You can customize the printing options in a number of
ways: <a href="new-pics/print-setup.gif">Page setup</a>, <a
href="new-pics/print-header-footer.gif">headers and
footers</a>, <a href="new-pics/print-margins.gif">margins</a>,
<a href="new-pics/print-page.gif">page details</a>.
<li>Printing is achieved using the GNOME printing architecture
(gnome-print, yes, we do need a web page for this too). This
enables us to use a unified API to print. Here you can see
the <a href="new-pics/print-preview.gif">print preview</a> in
action. Gnome Print uses Type1 fonts and supports fully
anti-aliasing of them, so you get a high quality printing, you
can see a detail here after the preview has been <a
href="new-pics/print-zoom.gif">zoomed in.</a>
<li>We do support many usability features found on other
spreadsheets, here you can see a <a
href="new-pics/editing.gif">formula being entered</a>
<P>You can see some older <A
HREF="">screenshots</A> of
<a name="download"></a>Downloading</h3>
You can download the gnumeric sources from: <a
Binaries for <a
Debian</a> are maintained by Vincent.
You can get Red Hat 6.x binaries from Gnumeric usually from <a
href="">RPM find</a> and Red Hat 5.2 from <a
href="">Greg's site</a>
<P>Gnumeric announcements:
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.56">gnumeric-0.56</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.54">gnumeric-0.54</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.53">gnumeric-0.53</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.52">gnumeric-0.52</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.51">gnumeric-0.51</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.49">gnumeric-0.49</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.48">gnumeric-0.48</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.47">gnumeric-0.47</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.46">gnumeric-0.46</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.45">gnumeric-0.45</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.44">gnumeric-0.44</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.42">gnumeric-0.42</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.41">gnumeric-0.41</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.39">gnumeric-0.39</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.38">gnumeric-0.38</a></li>
<li><a href="palaeolithic.html">palaeolithic versions</a></li>
<h3>Graphics in Gnumeric</h3>
Support for graphics is coming up nicely using the Bonobo architecture
and a graphics component that is aimed at emulating all of the plot
modes from Excel. More plotting types can be added in the future.
The graphics engine is available in the 0.51 release, but it is not
finished and it has not been fully integrated.
<A NAME="future"></A>Future projects</H3>
I would like to add support for arbitrary precision arithmetic in the
future using the GNU Multi-precision library.
To learn more about our plans read the README and the Future-Roadmap
files included with Gnumeric.
Michael Meeks, Jody Goldberg, Arturo Tena, Frank Chiulli, Jeff Garzik,
Robert Brady and Sean Atkinson are working on the import / export code.
Talk to them if you are interested in helping the project.
<A NAME="corba"></A>CORBA, compound documents</H3>
As part of the GNOME desktop, Gnumeric uses the <A
HREF="">ORBit</A> CORBA implementation
to expose its services to the world. This means that you can remotely
control Gnumeric from any language that has CORBA bindings for it.
Recently Owen Taylor's <a
href="">Perl bindings
for CORBA/ORBit</a> has caused a great deal of interest for
controlling Gnumeric remotely.
You might know this as "Automation".
Gnumeric is also available to other applications as a Bonobo
component. (<A
is the compound document architecture of GNOME). This enables your
application to embedd Gnumeric into your application for editing, or
displaying information. One line of code would achieve all the magic
you need.
<A NAME="plugin"></A>Plugin system</H3>
Gnumeric has a plugin system based on shared libraries right now
(which means that all plugins right now fall under the GNU GPL). A
plugin exists for defining your own functions in Python.
Gnumeric exports a number of CORBA interfaces that enable programmers
to control Gnumeric remotely within an authenticated GNOME desktop
<A NAME="lists"></A>Mailing lists</H3>
The Gnumeric mailing list can be reached at <A
HREF=""></A>. If
you want to subscribe to the mailing list, send mail to: <A
and in the body of your message put the word "subscribe". The lists are also <A
Please read some <A HREF="mailing-list.html">advice</A> before sending mail.
<A NAME="getting"></A>Getting Gnumeric</H3>
As with any other software in GNOME, you can fetch the latest
development version of Gnumeric from the <A
HREF="">GNOME Anonymous
CVS</A> and from the GNOME CVS from the module "gnumeric". <P>To
compile Gnumeric you will need the gnome-libs package and the
gnome-xml package. The gnome-libs package in turn requires the glib, gtk+
and imlib packages.
<A NAME="bugs"></A>Reporting Bugs</H3>
Firstly, please make sure that you have the latest version of gnumeric before
reporting bugs. Gnumeric is undergoing extensive and rapid development and your
bug is likely to have been silently fixed.
<P>The standard procedure for bug reporting is detailed at <A
HREF=""></A> please ensure that
your bug hasn't already been logged by checking the <A
It would also help if you CC. your mail to
<P>There are certain types of bug that we are especially interested in. Gnumeric
should <b>never</b> die (SEGV) if it does please, please put the effort in
to submit a bug report, it will save others lots of grief.
<a name="support">Contractual support</h3>
<a href="">Helix Code Inc.</a> provides <a
href="">contractual support</a> for
Gnumeric for any extensions, or special developments you might need
from Gnumeric.
All the code written by Helix Code is released under the terms of the GNU
GPL. If the code extension is general enough your extension might be
folded into the main Gnumeric distribution.
<A NAME="Thanks">Thanks to</a></H3>
Tom Miller at <a href="">XESS</a> for helping me
understand various spreadsheet issues and making the source code for
his first spreadsheet program available to me for study. <p>
Gnumeric has been coded mainly by Miguel de Icaza, with help from
other intrepid hackers that have contributed code, bug fixes and
<li>Daniel Veillard (XML file load/save support).
<li>Tom Dyas (Plugin setup, Python plugin).
<li>Michael Meeks, Jody Goldberg, Arturo Tena, Frank Chiulli, Sean Atkinson and Bruno Unna (Excel file loading code)
<li>Jukka-Pekka Iivonen (lots of Gnumeric's functions).
<li>Jakub Jelinek (new scrolling engine)
<li>Chris Lahey (number formatting engine).
<li>Adrian Likins (manual, online help).
<li>Vladimir Vuksan (various Gnumeric functions).
<li>Mark Probst (Guile plugin).
<li>Federico Mena (canvas support).
<li>Morten Welinder (lots of fixes and code auditing).
<li>Vincent Renardias (internationalization issues).
<li>Erik Troan (assorted bug fixes).
<li>Donnie Barnes (docs, bug fixes).
Many other people have contributed ideas and translations of Gnumeric to other
<A NAME="author">Reaching me</a></H3>
<A HREF="">Miguel de Icaza</A>. My <A HREF="">own
home page</A>.
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