Commit 3cac7516 authored by Morten Welinder's avatar Morten Welinder

Compilation: warning fixes.

parent 7abcfc96
......@@ -870,7 +870,7 @@ scg_set_top_left (SheetControl *sc, int col, int row)
static void
gnm_pane_make_cell_visible (GnmPane *pane, int col, int row,
gboolean const force_scroll)
gboolean const force_scroll)
GocCanvas *canvas;
Sheet *sheet;
......@@ -883,7 +883,7 @@ gnm_pane_make_cell_visible (GnmPane *pane, int col, int row,
* visible area, and would unconditionally scroll the cell to the top
* left of the viewport.
if (!gtk_widget_get_realized (pane))
if (!gtk_widget_get_realized (GTK_WIDGET (pane)))
sheet = scg_sheet (pane->simple.scg);
......@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ select_row (GtkTreeView *list, int row)
path = gtk_tree_path_new_from_indices (row, -1);
gtk_tree_selection_select_path (gtk_tree_view_get_selection (list), path);
if (gtk_widget_get_realized (list))
if (gtk_widget_get_realized (GTK_WIDGET (list)))
cb_list_adjust (list);
gtk_tree_path_free (path);
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