Commit 2e142bec authored by Morten Welinder's avatar Morten Welinder

t6162: avoid failures from mps files

We use current time for creation-time, so once in a blue moon we would
see a failure because the two runs crossed a second boundary.  Just
blank out the creation time.
parent 8f483bb7
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ Morten:
* Doc fixes.
* Fix xlsx import with missing header/footer. [#778292]
* Minor xlsx import improvements with alias colors.
* Test suite improvements.
Gnumeric 1.12.33
2017-02-16 Morten Welinder <>
* Ignore creation time
2017-01-30 Morten Welinder <>
* Release 1.12.33
......@@ -39,12 +39,17 @@ foreach my $src (@sources) {
die "Fail\n";
push @data, &GnumericTest::read_file ($tmp);
my $d = &GnumericTest::read_file ($tmp);
# Some formats (notably mps) set this to current time.
$d =~ s{<meta:creation-date>[0-9-:TZ]+</meta:creation-date>}{};
push @data, $d;
&GnumericTest::removejunk ($tmp);
if ($data[0] ne $data[1]) {
print STDERR "Generates output for $src is not deterministic.\n";
print STDERR "Generated output for $src is not deterministic.\n";
} else {
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