Commit 1ede7836 authored by Morten Welinder's avatar Morten Welinder

Docs: defined macro for calendar basis help.

parent f573b26d
......@@ -1131,18 +1131,14 @@ gnumeric_weeknum (GnmFuncEvalInfo *ei, GnmValue const * const *argv)
static GnmFuncHelp const help_yearfrac[] = {
"@SYNTAX=YEARFRAC (start_date, end_date [,basis])\n"
"YEARFRAC returns the number of full days between @start_date and "
"@end_date according to the @basis.\n"
{ GNM_FUNC_HELP_NAME, F_("YEARFRAC:calculates fractional number of years between dates")},
{ GNM_FUNC_HELP_ARG, F_("start_date:starting date serial value")},
{ GNM_FUNC_HELP_ARG, F_("end_date:ending date serial value")},
{ GNM_FUNC_HELP_ARG, F_("basis:calendar basis")},
{ GNM_FUNC_HELP_DESCRIPTION, F_("YEARFRAC calculates the number of days from @{start_date} to @{end_date} according to the calendar specified by @{basis}, which defaults to 0, and expresses the result as a fractional number of years.") },
{ GNM_FUNC_HELP_EXAMPLES, "=YEARFRAC(DATE(2000,1,1),DATE(2001,4,1))" },
......@@ -25,6 +25,14 @@ void gnm_date_add_days (GDate *d, int n);
void gnm_date_add_months (GDate *d, int n);
void gnm_date_add_years (GDate *d, int n);
{ GNM_FUNC_HELP_NOTE, F_("If @{basis} is 0, then the US 30/360 method is used.") }, \
{ GNM_FUNC_HELP_NOTE, F_("If @{basis} is 1, then actual number of days is used.") }, \
{ GNM_FUNC_HELP_NOTE, F_("If @{basis} is 2, then actual number of days is used within a month, but years are considered only 360 days.") }, \
{ GNM_FUNC_HELP_NOTE, F_("If @{basis} is 3, then actual number of days is used within a month, but years are always considered 365 days.") }, \
{ GNM_FUNC_HELP_NOTE, F_("If @{basis} is 4, then the European 30/360 method is used.") },
#endif /* _GNM_DATETIME_H_ */
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