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    Show range selection cursors even while selecting new regions · a7f83526
    Andreas J. Guelzow authored
    2011-11-25  Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow@pyrshep.ca>
    	* src/gnm-pane.h (gnm_pane_expr_cursor_bound_set): change argument of
    	* src/gnm-pane.c (gnm_pane_expr_cursor_bound_set): change argument of
    	gnm_pane_expr_cursor_bound_set, receive the colour to use.
    	(gnm_pane_rangesel_stop): do not enable highlights
    	(gnm_pane_rangesel_start): do not disable highlights
    2011-11-25  Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow@pyrshep.ca>
    	* gnumeric-expr-entry.c (gnm_expr_entry_colour_ranges): new
    	(gee_scan_for_range): use gnm_expr_entry_colour_ranges
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