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    Inherit from GObject, not GtkObject. · f7cc91eb
    Zbigniew Chyla authored
    2002-08-20  Zbigniew Chyla  <cyba@gnome.pl>
    	* src/plugin-loader.[ch]: Inherit from GObject, not GtkObject.
    	(gnumeric_plugin_loader_unload_service): Removed FIXME - unload plugin
    	after unloading all services.
    	* src/plugin-loader-module.h: Moved all typedefs with plugin
    	* src/module-plugin-defs.h: ... here, added some comments and
    	  PLUGIN_CLASS macro
    	* src/plugin-loader-module.c: Adjusted to plugin-loader.h
    	* src/plugin.c:
    	Inherit GnmPlugin from GModuleType, not GObject.
    	(gnm_plugin_type_module_load, gnm_plugin_type_module_unload):
    	New, GTypeModule methods.
    	(gnm_plugin_deactivate): Destroy loader after deactivating plugin
    	(GnmPlugin): Removed is_base_loaded,
    	use gnumeric_plugin_loader_is_base_loaded to check this.
    	(gnm_plugin_use_ref, gnm_plugin_use_unref):
    	Added assertions (plugin must be active).
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