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    support named expressions. (oo_cell_start) : support merged ranges. · 80a73121
    Jody Goldberg authored
    2002-10-08  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
    	* openoffice-read.c (oo_named_expr) : support named expressions.
    	(oo_cell_start) : support merged ranges.
    2002-10-08  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
    	* src/parser.y (parser_lookup_name) : default the placeholder to be at
    	  workbook scope.
    	* src/cellspan.c (row_calc_spans) : new.
    	* src/dependent.c (cell_eval_content) : flag the row as needing
    	  respan.  I'll probably want to distinguish between span and render
    	* src/sheet.c (sheet_update_only_grid) : test a new idea for doing
    	  just in time spanning.  It does not support a true model view split
    	  of the rendering.  However, it does delay the render & span until
    	  the row is visible, and as a result it is feasible to support
    	  spanning expressions.  The key is to flag the row as needing
    	  respanning then doing the entire row in the redraw loop.
    	* src/item-grid.c (item_grid_draw) : do a span recalc if necessary
    	* src/print-cell.c (print_cell_range) : ditto.
    	* src/workbook.c (workbook_init) : fix warning.
    	* src/parser.y (parser_lookup_name) : remove implicit conversion of
    	  unquoted strings that are not names into string values.  Replace it
    	  with the creation of a placeholder name.  This is useful for parsing
    	  expressions before a name has been declared.
    	* src/cell.c (cell_set_value) : fix docs.
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