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    Improve versioning. Fix a few bugs. · 2c8b64d0
    Jody Goldberg authored
    Improve versioning.
    Fix a few bugs.
    2000-04-26  Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>
    	* src/command-context.c (gnumeric_error_sys_err) : New function.
    	* src/command-context-gui.c (ccg_error_sys_err) : Support it.
    	* src/gnumeric-util.c (gnumeric_glade_xml_new) : Use gnumeric_error_sys_err.
    	* src/gutils.c (gnumeric_sys_{data,lib,glade,plugin)_dir) : New functions.
    	(gnumeric_usr_dir, gnumeric_usr_plugin_dir) : New functions.
    	* src/plugin.c (load_all_plugins) : Use
    	  gnumeric_usr_plugin_dir, and  gnumeric_sys_plugin_dir.
    	* src/item-edit.c (point_is_inside_range) : Handle non-singleton
    	  expr start characters.
    2000-04-25  Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>
    	* *.c : glade_new_xml -> gnumeric_glade_new_xml
    	  Localize GNUMERIC_GLADEDIR so that plugins can use it too.
    	* src/gnumeric-util.c (gnumeric_glade_xml_new) : New function.
    	* */Makefile.am : Set 'DATADIR' rather than GLADEDIR.  And version
    	  the glade file the same way the plugins are set.  This should
    	  probably expand to include architecture akin to gcc.
    	* src/widgets/widget-editable-label.c (el_button_press_event) :
    	  Clicking in another window accepts the changes.  Once we have
    	  reliquished our grab push the button event back on the queue
    	  so that it can be forwarded on to the appropriate recipient (9007).
    	* src/parse-util.c (parse_text_value_or_expr) : Watch for 1 character
    	  strings which could start an expression.
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