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    Jon K Hellan authored
    2000-03-03  Jon K Hellan  <hellan@acm.org>
    	* doc/python-gnumeric.txt: Updated documentation
    	* plugins/python/python.c (value_to_python): Update comment.
    	(boolean_to_python): Use class gnumeric_defs.Boolean - we can now
    	recognize booleans and convert them back.
    	(boolean_check): New function: Checks if object is instance of
    	(boolean_from_python): New function: Convert back to VALUE_BOOLEAN.
    	(range_from_python): Remove misleading comment.
    	(value_from_python): Handle boolean.
    	(call_function): Factored out of marshal_func.
    	(marshal_func): Rename to marshal_func_args. Added sanity checks.
    	(marshal_func_nodes): New function. Handles varargs.
    	(register_function): Handle varargs.
    	(apply): Fix refcounting bug.
    	* gnumeric_defs.py (Boolean): New class. Implements boolean.
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