1. 17 Sep, 1999 4 commits
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      Small updates · ce80e505
      Arturo Espinosa authored
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      oops _mig · 766b41ae
      Arturo Espinosa authored
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      New file. Moved a bunch of commands here, and move to be moved. · dd6fabaa
      Miguel de Icaza authored
      1999-09-17  Miguel de Icaza  <miguel@gnu.org>
      	* src/workbook-cmd.c: New file.  Moved a bunch of commands here,
      	and move to be moved.
      	Implemented the set money format;   Implemented the percent formt.
      1999-09-16  Miguel de Icaza  <miguel@gnu.org>
      	* src/sheet.c (sheet_update_controls, cell_is_homogeneous):
      	Include checks for font name and font size.
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-printer-setup.c (dialog_printer_setup): Add
      	call to gnome_dialog_set_parent here.
      	* src/tools.h: New file, moved here all the tools declarations.
      	Please, try to keep indentation for public functions as the rest
      	of the Gnumeric ones.
      	* src/workbook.c: Enable comands Format/Column, Format/Row and
      	(create_format_toolbar): Add font selector toolbar widget.
      	(change_font_in_selection_cmd): New routine.  Applies a font to a
      	selection in the workbook.
      	(workbook_feedback_set): Upgraded feedback interface
      	* src/sheet-view.c (sheet_view_row_size_changed): There is no need
      	to call gnumeric_compute_visible_ranges, the sheet_row_set_height
      	code does this.
      	* src/item-bar.c (item_bar_event): Support also row-autosizing.
      	* src/sheet.c (sheet_col_size_fit): Add this routine.
      	(sheet_col_set_internal_width): New function.  Similar to its
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-cell-format.c (dialog_cell_format): Change
      	call to g_list_free for sheet_cell_list_free.
      	* src/selection.c (sheet_cell_list_free): New routine.
      	* src/workbook.c: Reworked toolbars again.  We now only have 2
      	toolbars instead of 8 or so.
      	* src/sheet.h (SHEET_MAX_ROWS): New excel supports 64k rows, mimic this.
      	* src/widgets/gnumeric-toolbar.c: Added new file.  Handles the
      	Gnumeric toolbars.
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      - Adjust row/col size to better match XL. · ae3caa2a
      Jody Goldberg authored
      - Put pictures in the correct place.
      - More const for some of the sheet routines.
  2. 16 Sep, 1999 6 commits
  3. 15 Sep, 1999 6 commits
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      Leak fix. Works for memory allocators, not hurricanes. · db52b0a6
      Morten Welinder authored
      1999-09-15  Morten Welinder  <terra@diku.dk>
      	* src/selection.c (selection_apply): Plug leak.
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      Correct size, better looking print preview icon, · cc5261fa
      Michael Meeks authored
      Array input fixed for wierd locales,
      bug in header read fixed,
      sheet-object window_to_world cleaned,
      my D&D stuff moved to more sensible place,
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      Massive re-org. Export, and improve warning message for TXO. · 66253453
      Jody Goldberg authored
      1999-09-15  Jody Goldberg  <jgoldberg@home.com>
      	* ms-escher.c : Massive re-org.
      	* ms-obj.c (ms_obj_read_text_impl) : Export, and improve warning
      	  message for TXO.
      	(ms_obj_read_text_impl) : The drawing will read the TXO.
      1999-09-13  Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>
      	* src/ranges.c (range_dump) : Improve format.
      	* src/workbook.c (deps_output) : The selection can be a region.
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-cell-sort.c (dialog_cell_sor) :
      	  sheet_selection_first_range returns a range.
      	* src/print.c (sheet_print_selection) : Ditto.
      	* src/selection.c (sheet_selection_first_range) : Simplify and move
      	  closer to to sheet_verify_selection_simple.
      	* src/workbook.c (insert_cols_cmd, insert_cols_cmd) : Handle
      	  sheet_verify_selection_simple rename to selection_is_simple.
      	* src/sheet.c (sheet_update_controls) : Use selection_apply
      	  rather than sheet_selection_to_list which is expensive.
      	(sheet_col_selection_type, sheet_row_selection_type) :
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      Add missing file · dc9458c7
      Arturo Espinosa authored
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      Split toolbars into mulitple toolbars; Add a private field to Workbook · 9dd5071c
      Miguel de Icaza authored
      1999-09-14  Miguel de Icaza  <miguel@gnu.org>
      	* src/workbook.c: Split toolbars into mulitple toolbars;  Add a
      	private field to Workbook structure.
      	Change the toolbar setup to have multiple dock-items.
  4. 14 Sep, 1999 7 commits
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      Initialize this to NULL. · 5b9e6dff
      Miguel de Icaza authored
      1999-09-14  Miguel de Icaza  <miguel@gnu.org>
      	* src/format.c: Initialize this to NULL.
      	* src/print-info.c (load_formats): Memory leak fix.
      	* src/xml-io.c (xml_read_summary): Fixed memory leak.
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      Plug leak. · 5049ba03
      Morten Welinder authored
      	* src/print-info.c (load_formats): Plug leak.
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      Make static. · a7fa8a8c
      Morten Welinder authored
      1999-09-14  Morten Welinder  <terra@diku.dk>
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-analysis-tools.c (tools): Make static.
      	* src/functions/fn-eng.c (eng_functions_init): Arg fix.
      	* src/functions/fn-string.c (string_functions_init): Ditto.
      	* src/functions/fn-stat.c (stat_functions_init): Ditto.
      	* src/functions/fn-sheet.c (sheet_functions_init): Ditto.
      	* src/functions/fn-misc.c (misc_functions_init): Ditto.
      	* src/functions/fn-math.c (math_functions_init): Ditto.
      	* src/functions/fn-lookup.c (lookup_functions_init): Ditto.
      	* src/functions/fn-logical.c (logical_functions_init): Ditto.
      	* src/functions/fn-information.c (information_functions_init):
      	* src/functions/fn-financial.c (finance_functions_init): Ditto.
      	* src/value.c (value_terminate): Ditto.
      	* gnumeric.spec.in (Requires): Update gnome-print dependency.
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      german translation · 6c61de96
      Karl Eichwalder authored
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      file menu string · 14a09a63
      Karl Eichwalder authored
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      add gnome-print · 295ee9ba
      Karl Eichwalder authored
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      gnome-print 0.6; typos · 53b31230
      Karl Eichwalder authored
  5. 13 Sep, 1999 8 commits
  6. 12 Sep, 1999 4 commits
  7. 11 Sep, 1999 4 commits
  8. 10 Sep, 1999 1 commit