1. 17 May, 2000 5 commits
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      Update required version of bonobo. · bfdd94b8
      Jody Goldberg authored
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      Fix - bug 9984, fix embedded bonobo objects a starting size > 0,0 - · e934a82d
      Jody Goldberg authored
          - bug 9984, fix embedded bonobo objects a starting size > 0,0
          - vertical justification was broken
          - a few warnings.
      2000-05-17  Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>
      	* src/cell-draw.c (cell_draw) : Cache the vertical alignment, and
      	  ensure that verticaly justified lines do not overlap.
      	* src/print-cell.c (print_cell) : Ditto.
      	* src/sheet-object.c (sheet_set_mode_type_full) : Add a prototype to
      	  avoid warnings.
      	* src/sheet-object.c (create_object) : Ugly workaround for bug 9984.
      	  Ensure that objects do not start with size 0,0.
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      update · df7d4b5a
      Jody Goldberg authored
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      Fixes UMR on ins/del row/col · 18e98f9a
      Jody Goldberg authored
      Fixes import to display numbers.
      2000-05-17  Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>
      	* src/workbook.c (workbook_expr_relocate) : Add missing
      	* src/file.c (file_finish_load) : New function to finish loading after
      	  a read or import.
      	(workbook_read) : Use here.
      	(workbook_import) : And here.
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      Fix bugs 10705 10775 11159 Morten's autofill UMR Han's crash on sheet · efd376c0
      Jody Goldberg authored
      Fix bugs
          Morten's autofill UMR
          Han's crash on sheet deletion.
      2000-05-17  Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>
      	* src/sheet.c (sheet_get_extent) : Disable the use of
      	  sheet_style_get_extent until it is more intelligent.
      	* configure.in : Produce a Using OAF message in the non-bonobo case
      	  too.  Limit xml to version 1.x for now.
      	* src/cell.c (cell_set_text_and_value) : Set the entered_text BEFORE
      	  the value so that cells with format = text render correctly.
  2. 16 May, 2000 3 commits
  3. 15 May, 2000 10 commits
  4. 14 May, 2000 3 commits
  5. 13 May, 2000 6 commits
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      Updated Swedish translation · cc244dcb
      Andreas Hydén authored
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      Updated Norwegian translation. · 5d8f1507
      Kjartan Maraas authored
      2000-05-14  Kjartan Maraas  <kmaraas@online.no>
      	* no.po: Updated Norwegian translation.
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      Fix a load of evil embeddable-grid bugs, fix oaf activation. · 67608b01
      Michael Meeks authored
      Fix a load of evil embeddable-grid bugs, fix oaf activation.
      2000-05-11  Michael Meeks  <michael@helixcode.com>
      	* src/embeddable-grid.c (grid_view_activate): grab widget focus.
      	* src/workbook-format-toolbar.c (workbook_feedback_set): make it
      	cope with no format toolbar.
      	* src/workbook.c (workbook_init): g_new0 for safety and to blank
      	* src/embeddable-grid.c (grid_view_new): set a sensible default
      	size so we actually see something. (grid_view_activate): Fix with
      	state boolean. (set_header_visibility): implement.
      	(embeddable_grid_set_header_visibility): update.
      	(grid_view_destroy): kill. (grid_view_new): kill evil private list
      	of views.
      	* gnumeric.oafinfo: another fix, evil bug from oaf conversion script.
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      Maybe not. · 77cbe275
      Jose Maria Celorio authored
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      Shut up CVS · 0d6c5f44
      Jose Maria Celorio authored
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      Translations from Keld · 72457796
      Kenneth Christiansen authored
      bug-buddy/po/da.po gnome-media/po/da.po gnome-utils/po/da.po
      gnomeicu/po/da.po gnumeric/po/da.po nautilus/po/da.po
  6. 12 May, 2000 2 commits
  7. 11 May, 2000 1 commit
  8. 10 May, 2000 10 commits
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      Depend on a separate libole2; · 777d750e
      Michael Meeks authored
      2000-05-11  Michael Meeks  <michael@helixcode.com>
      	* src/Makefile.am (gnumeric_libs): kill libole2 libs kludge.
      2000-05-10  Michael Meeks  <michael@helixcode.com>
      	* configure.in: Add check for libole2 and add to gnome-config.
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      Typo. · 8ac83b5c
      Karl Eichwalder authored
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      Make accelerators possible in gnumeric_toolbars. · 897c7caf
      Jody Goldberg authored
      Make accelerators possible in gnumeric_toolbars.
      Enable the workbook close optimization that clears the formula list before
      removing the cells.
      Add some (currently broken) accelerators for font attributes.
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      Use gnumeric_clist_moveto to ensure that selected tool is visible. · 255ee961
      Jon K Hellan authored
      2000-05-10  Jon K Hellan  <hellan@acm.org>
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-analysis-tools.c (dialog_data_analysis):
      	Use gnumeric_clist_moveto to ensure that selected tool is visible.
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-function-select.c (category_list_fill):
      	s/current sheet/selected category/
      	(function_list_fill): s/category/function/
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-zoom.c (dialog_zoom_impl):
      	s/selected function/current sheet/
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-cell-format.c (fmt_dialog_init_format_page):
      	Use gnumeric_clist_make_selection_visible to ensure that list rows
      	are visible.
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-sheet-order.c (dialog_sheet_order_impl):
      	s/list rows/current sheet/
      	* src/gnumeric-util.c (clist_moveto): New helper function scroll
      	list so that row becomes visible.
      	(cb_clist_moveto): New callback function:
      	Disconnect callback and use clist_moveto to make row visible.
      	* src/gnumeric-util.[ch] (gnumeric_clist_moveto): New public
      	function: Make given row visible in list - immediately if mapped,
      	otherwise by attaching a signal handler.
      	(gnumeric_clist_make_selection_visible): New public function: Make
      	first selected row visible in list.
      2000-05-10  Jon K Hellan  <hellan@acm.org>
      	* src/func.c (tokenized_help_find): This segfaulted if no help was
      	available. The test for no help failed because of
      	signedness. Fixed it.
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      fix borked magic sodding UUID's which suck. · 7ab47fb1
      Michael Meeks authored
      2000-05-10  Michael Meeks  <michael@helixcode.com>
      	* gnumeric.oafinfo: fix borked magic sodding UUID's which suck.
      	* src/corba-workbook-factory.c (_WorkbookFactory_init): update
      	for oaf, but only the IID.
      	* src/embeddable-grid.c (EmbeddableGridFactory_init): update
      	for oaf. (embeddable_grid_factory): add failure warning.
      	* Makefile.am: Install oafinfo.
    • Michael Meeks's avatar
      Install gnumeric's oaf data. · ab193b37
      Michael Meeks authored
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      Add initial quicky applix import. · 66c6917c
      Jody Goldberg authored
      Is not complete or correct.
      Do not enable yet.
    • Jacob Berkman's avatar
      check for using window icons · 0c100069
      Jacob Berkman authored
      2000-05-10  Jacob Berkman  <jacob@helixcode.com>
      	* configure.in (use_wm_icons): check for using window icons
      	* src/main.c (gnumeric_main): use an icon if available in
      	* src/Makefile.am (INCLUDES): add a -D for the icon dir
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      Release 0.53 · 50fadf44
      Jody Goldberg authored
    • Karl Eichwalder's avatar
      src/dialogs/cell-format.glade: Typo. · 84a2f0d9
      Karl Eichwalder authored