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GNOME Spread Sheet task list
* Implement recalculation
* Implement functions
* Implement Ranges.
* Redo the Selection code
* Routine for returning the bounding box of a cell.
* Edit
** Paste special
needs some little changes:
- When formulas are pasted with an operation,
the new ExprTree should be created with the operation.
** Context menus:
We need context menus for the spreadsheet:
- Cut/Copy/Paste/Paste-Special
- Insert
Move cells to the right
Move cells to the bottom
Insert a complete row
Insert a complete col
- Delete
Move cells to the left
MOve cells to the top
Delete a row
Delete a col
- Cell formats
** Style
*** Change
** Copy
** Paste
** Move
The complete cell style dialog box needs to be implemented
Format engine is required.
Format categories
Format representation
Input line for typing a new format
Test display (from using the selected cell)
Center with respect to selection.
Automatic return check box
This automatically "wraps" text when it overflows the cell
vertical: 3 types of string display.
** Visual move.
If drag happens with button 3, context menu does provide:
Copy formats
Copy values
move cells toward bottom and copy
move cells toward right and copy
move cells toward bottom and move
move clels toward right and move
Operation on the border:
Button-1: The default option is to just move and asks if
there are conflicts.
Shift-Button-1: moves the target cells and moves
(depending on which side is selected top/left)
Contorl-Button-1: copies the cells.
* File Load/Save
Support for popular formats.
I have the specs for the XS3 format. SC should be
trivial to support as well (from the guile sources)
* Scrolling
** Make current cell always visible
** Fix the "make_cell_visible" routine, as the cell
should be entirely visible, not just partially.
** Nice page scrolling with tooltips
** Scrollbar scrolling
* CORBA exporting
* Perl bindings.
* Display Engine
** item-edit
This should be improved to use a cell rendering routine.
which should be shared between item-grid and item-edit, to
get life feedback on the result.
* Style manager
Implement style regions.
Implement style resolution at cell creation time.
* Workbooks:
** Notebook:
Clicking on it chooses it
Double clicking changes the name
Right clicking gets:
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