Commit f45e3d1d authored by Michael Meeks's avatar Michael Meeks
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Fixed up so it compiles.

parent d01348bd
1999-08-11 Michael Meeks <>
* boot.c (lotus_load): Add workbook argument to lotus_read.
* lotus.c (lotus_read): Added Workbook argument and updated
return type.
1999-08-09 <>
* boot.c (lotus_cleanup_plugin): Change to new file open
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ lotus_load (Workbook *wb, const char *filename)
char *name, *p;
gboolean ret;
ret = lotus_read (filename);
ret = lotus_read (wb, filename);
if (ret) {
if ((p = filename_ext (filename)) != NULL)
......@@ -246,29 +246,25 @@ read_workbook (Workbook *wb, FILE *f)
return !panic;
Workbook *
lotus_read (const char *filename)
lotus_read (Workbook *wb, const char *filename)
FILE *f;
Workbook *wb = NULL;
if (!(f = fopen (filename, "rb")))
return NULL;
return FALSE;
cell_deep_freeze_redraws ();
wb = workbook_new ();
if (!read_workbook (wb, f)) {
printf ("FIXME: Nasty workbook error, leaked\n");
return NULL;
return FALSE;
if (wb)
workbook_recalc (wb);
workbook_recalc (wb);
cell_deep_thaw_redraws ();
fclose (f);
return wb;
return TRUE;
......@@ -9,4 +9,4 @@ double lotus_getdouble (const guint8 *p);
void lotus_setdouble (guint8 *p, double d);
gboolean lotus_read (Workbook *wb, const char *filename);
gboolean lotus_read (Workbook *wb, const char *filename);
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