Commit f019b8e6 authored by Michael Meeks's avatar Michael Meeks

pre flame.

parent 25a58af3
2000-07-26 Michael Meeks <>
* README: Add some explanation of why I hate being mailed by people
forking my code.
2000-07-24 Jody Goldberg <>
* ms-excel-read.c (ms_excel_read_sheet) : Adjust to changes in sheet_set_zoom_factor.
......@@ -75,5 +75,22 @@ still ugly, but I think the source of the problem is twofold:
totaly differently with regard to the file format, perhaps they wanted
minimal forwards compatibility; but seems unlikely.
2. Help me !
Before you send mail to myself or Jody the following may save us both time.
a) I am not interested whatsoever in helping people write non-Free software,
if you are writing free software, specify that when you mail.
b) I am not interested _Even Slightly_ in helping people port this code to
other languages such as Java / Perl etc. Please don't even tell me you are
doing this, you are misguided.
c) I Am interested in helping you make the current codebase do what you want
it to, whether that is making it convert to HTML or whatever, I might even
write a few lines of code for you. This or the CORBA API are the preferred
ways of using this code. Though this involves work it will contribute
something back, which will be appreciated.
1999-09-03 Michael Meeks <>
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