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Restore my copy.

parent dcccb5c9
......@@ -3,8 +3,9 @@
* fn-math.c: Built in mathematical functions and functions registration
* Authors:
* Miguel de Icaza (
* Jukka-Pekka Iivonen (
* Miguel de Icaza (
* Jukka-Pekka Iivonen (
* Morten Welinder (
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
......@@ -40,6 +41,12 @@
#include <string.h>
#include <libgnome/gnome-i18n.h>
#include "plugin.h"
#include "plugin-util.h"
#include "module-plugin-defs.h"
typedef struct {
GSList *list;
int num;
......@@ -3210,207 +3217,111 @@ gnumeric_sumproduct (FunctionEvalInfo *ei, GnmExprList *args)
void math_functions_init (void);
math_functions_init (void)
FunctionDefinition *def;
FunctionCategory *cat = function_get_category_with_translation
("Maths / Trig.", _("Maths / Trig."));
def = function_add_args (cat, "abs", "f",
"number", &help_abs, gnumeric_abs);
auto_format_function_result (def, AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT);
function_add_args (cat, "acos", "f",
"number", &help_acos, gnumeric_acos);
function_add_args (cat, "acosh", "f",
"number", &help_acosh, gnumeric_acosh);
function_add_args (cat, "asin", "f",
"number", &help_asin, gnumeric_asin);
function_add_args (cat, "asinh", "f",
"number", &help_asinh, gnumeric_asinh);
function_add_args (cat, "atan", "f",
"number", &help_atan, gnumeric_atan);
function_add_args (cat, "atanh", "f",
"number", &help_atanh, gnumeric_atanh);
function_add_args (cat, "atan2", "ff",
"xnum,ynum", &help_atan2, gnumeric_atan2);
function_add_args (cat, "cos", "f",
"number", &help_cos, gnumeric_cos);
function_add_args (cat, "cosh", "f",
"number", &help_cosh, gnumeric_cosh);
function_add_args (cat, "countif", "r?",
&help_countif, gnumeric_countif);
def = function_add_args (cat, "ceil", "f",
"number", &help_ceil, gnumeric_ceil);
auto_format_function_result (def, AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT);
def = function_add_args (cat, "ceiling", "ff",
&help_ceiling, gnumeric_ceiling);
auto_format_function_result (def, AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT);
function_add_args (cat, "degrees", "f",
"number", &help_degrees, gnumeric_degrees);
function_add_args (cat, "even", "f",
"number", &help_even, gnumeric_even);
function_add_args (cat, "exp", "f",
"number", &help_exp, gnumeric_exp);
function_add_args (cat, "fact", "f",
"number", &help_fact, gnumeric_fact);
function_add_args (cat, "factdouble", "f",
&help_factdouble, gnumeric_factdouble);
function_add_args (cat, "combin", "ff",
"n,k", &help_combin, gnumeric_combin);
def = function_add_args (cat, "floor", "f|f",
"number", &help_floor, gnumeric_floor);
auto_format_function_result (def, AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT);
function_add_nodes (cat, "gcd", NULL,
&help_gcd, gnumeric_gcd);
def = function_add_args (cat, "int", "f",
"number", &help_int, gnumeric_int);
auto_format_function_result (def, AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT);
function_add_nodes (cat, "lcm", 0,
"", &help_lcm, gnumeric_lcm);
function_add_args (cat, "ln", "f",
"number", &help_ln, gnumeric_ln);
function_add_args (cat, "log", "f|f",
&help_log, gnumeric_log);
function_add_args (cat, "log2", "f",
"number", &help_log2, gnumeric_log2);
function_add_args (cat, "log10", "f",
"number", &help_log10, gnumeric_log10);
function_add_args (cat, "mod", "ff",
"num,denom", &help_mod, gnumeric_mod);
def = function_add_args (cat, "mround", "ff",
&help_mround, gnumeric_mround);
auto_format_function_result (def, AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT);
function_add_nodes (cat, "multinomial", 0,
&help_multinomial, gnumeric_multinomial);
function_add_args (cat, "odd" , "f",
"number", &help_odd, gnumeric_odd);
function_add_args (cat, "power", "ff",
"x,y", &help_power, gnumeric_power);
function_add_nodes (cat, "g_product", 0,
"number", &help_g_product, gnumeric_g_product);
function_add_args (cat, "quotient" , "ff",
"num,den", &help_quotient, gnumeric_quotient);
function_add_args (cat, "radians", "f",
"number", &help_radians,
function_add_args (cat, "rand", "",
"", &help_rand, gnumeric_rand);
function_add_args (cat, "randbernoulli", "f",
&help_randbernoulli, gnumeric_randbernoulli);
function_add_args (cat, "randbetween", "ff",
&help_randbetween, gnumeric_randbetween);
function_add_args (cat, "randbinom", "ff",
&help_randbinom, gnumeric_randbinom);
function_add_args (cat, "randexp", "f",
&help_randexp, gnumeric_randexp);
function_add_args (cat, "randnegbinom", "ff",
&help_randnegbinom, gnumeric_randnegbinom);
function_add_args (cat, "randpoisson", "f",
&help_randpoisson, gnumeric_randpoisson);
function_add_args (cat, "roman", "f|f",
&help_roman, gnumeric_roman);
def = function_add_args (cat, "round", "f|f",
&help_round, gnumeric_round);
auto_format_function_result (def, AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT);
def = function_add_args (cat, "rounddown", "f|f",
&help_rounddown, gnumeric_rounddown);
auto_format_function_result (def, AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT);
def = function_add_args (cat, "roundup", "f|f",
&help_roundup, gnumeric_roundup);
auto_format_function_result (def, AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT);
function_add_nodes (cat, "seriessum", 0,
&help_seriessum, gnumeric_seriessum);
function_add_args (cat, "sign", "f",
"number", &help_sign, gnumeric_sign);
function_add_args (cat, "sin", "f",
"number", &help_sin, gnumeric_sin);
function_add_args (cat, "sinh", "f",
"number", &help_sinh, gnumeric_sinh);
function_add_args (cat, "sqrt", "f",
"number", &help_sqrt, gnumeric_sqrt);
function_add_args (cat, "sqrtpi", "f",
"number", &help_sqrtpi, gnumeric_sqrtpi);
def = function_add_nodes (cat, "suma", 0,
&help_suma, gnumeric_suma);
auto_format_function_result (def, AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT);
function_add_args (cat, "sumif", "r?|r",
&help_sumif, gnumeric_sumif);
function_add_nodes (cat, "sumproduct", 0,
&help_sumproduct, gnumeric_sumproduct);
function_add_nodes (cat, "sumsq", 0,
"number", &help_sumsq, gnumeric_sumsq);
function_add_args (cat, "sumx2my2", "AA",
&help_sumx2my2, gnumeric_sumx2my2);
function_add_args (cat, "sumx2py2", "AA",
&help_sumx2py2, gnumeric_sumx2py2);
function_add_args (cat, "sumxmy2", "AA",
&help_sumxmy2, gnumeric_sumxmy2);
function_add_args (cat, "tan", "f",
"number", &help_tan, gnumeric_tan);
function_add_args (cat, "tanh", "f",
"number", &help_tanh, gnumeric_tanh);
def = function_add_args (cat, "trunc", "f|f",
&help_trunc, gnumeric_trunc);
auto_format_function_result (def, AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT);
function_add_args (cat, "pi", "",
"", &help_pi, gnumeric_pi);
function_add_args (cat, "mmult", "AA",
&help_mmult, gnumeric_mmult);
function_add_args (cat, "minverse","A",
&help_minverse, gnumeric_minverse);
function_add_args (cat, "mdeterm", "A",
&help_mdeterm, gnumeric_mdeterm);
const ModulePluginFunctionInfo math_functions[] = {
{ "abs", "f", "number", &help_abs, gnumeric_abs, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "acos", "f", "number", &help_acos, gnumeric_acos, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "acosh", "f", "number", &help_acosh, gnumeric_acosh, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "asin", "f", "number", &help_asin, gnumeric_asin, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "asinh", "f", "number", &help_asinh, gnumeric_asinh, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "atan", "f", "number", &help_atan, gnumeric_atan, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "atanh", "f", "number", &help_atanh, gnumeric_atanh, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "atan2", "ff", "xnum,ynum", &help_atan2, gnumeric_atan2, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "cos", "f", "number", &help_cos, gnumeric_cos, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "cosh", "f", "number", &help_cosh, gnumeric_cosh, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "countif", "r?", "range,criteria", &help_countif, gnumeric_countif, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "ceil", "f", "number", &help_ceil, gnumeric_ceil, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "ceiling", "ff", "number,significance", &help_ceiling, gnumeric_ceiling, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "degrees", "f", "number", &help_degrees, gnumeric_degrees, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "even", "f", "number", &help_even, gnumeric_even, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "exp", "f", "number", &help_exp, gnumeric_exp, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "fact", "f", "number", &help_fact, gnumeric_fact, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "factdouble", "f", "number", &help_factdouble, gnumeric_factdouble, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "combin", "ff", "n,k", &help_combin, gnumeric_combin, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "floor", "f|f", "number", &help_floor, gnumeric_floor, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "gcd", 0, "number1,number2", &help_gcd, NULL, gnumeric_gcd, NULL, NULL },
{ "int", "f", "number", &help_int, gnumeric_int, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "lcm", 0, "", &help_lcm, NULL, gnumeric_lcm, NULL, NULL },
{ "ln", "f", "number", &help_ln, gnumeric_ln, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "log", "f|f", "number[,base]", &help_log, gnumeric_log, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "log2", "f", "number", &help_log2, gnumeric_log2, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "log10", "f", "number", &help_log10, gnumeric_log10, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "mod", "ff", "num,denom", &help_mod, gnumeric_mod, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "mround", "ff", "number,multiple", &help_mround, gnumeric_mround, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "multinomial", 0, "", &help_multinomial, NULL, gnumeric_multinomial, NULL, NULL },
{ "odd" , "f", "number", &help_odd, gnumeric_odd, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "power", "ff", "x,y", &help_power, gnumeric_power, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "g_product", 0, "number", &help_g_product, NULL, gnumeric_g_product, NULL, NULL },
{ "quotient" , "ff", "num,den", &help_quotient, gnumeric_quotient, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "radians", "f", "number", &help_radians, gnumeric_radians, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "rand", "", "", &help_rand, gnumeric_rand, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "randbernoulli", "f", "p", &help_randbernoulli, gnumeric_randbernoulli, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "randbetween", "ff", "bottom,top", &help_randbetween, gnumeric_randbetween, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "randbinom", "ff", "p,trials", &help_randbinom, gnumeric_randbinom, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "randexp", "f", "b", &help_randexp, gnumeric_randexp, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "randnegbinom", "ff", "p,failures", &help_randnegbinom, gnumeric_randnegbinom, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "randpoisson", "f", "lambda", &help_randpoisson, gnumeric_randpoisson, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "roman", "f|f", "number[,type]", &help_roman, gnumeric_roman, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "round", "f|f", "number[,digits]", &help_round, gnumeric_round, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "rounddown", "f|f", "number,digits", &help_rounddown, gnumeric_rounddown, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "roundup", "f|f", "number,digits", &help_roundup, gnumeric_roundup, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "seriessum", 0, "x,n,m,coefficients", &help_seriessum, NULL, gnumeric_seriessum, NULL, NULL },
{ "sign", "f", "number", &help_sign, gnumeric_sign, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "sin", "f", "number", &help_sin, gnumeric_sin, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "sinh", "f", "number", &help_sinh, gnumeric_sinh, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "sqrt", "f", "number", &help_sqrt, gnumeric_sqrt, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "sqrtpi", "f", "number", &help_sqrtpi, gnumeric_sqrtpi, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "suma", 0, "number1,number2,...", &help_suma, NULL, gnumeric_suma, NULL, NULL },
{ "sumif", "r?|r", "range,criteria[,actual_range]", &help_sumif, gnumeric_sumif, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "sumproduct", 0, "range1,range2,...", &help_sumproduct, NULL, gnumeric_sumproduct, NULL, NULL },
{ "sumsq", 0, "number", &help_sumsq, NULL, gnumeric_sumsq, NULL, NULL },
{ "sumx2my2", "AA", "array1,array2", &help_sumx2my2, gnumeric_sumx2my2, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "sumx2py2", "AA", "array1,array2", &help_sumx2py2, gnumeric_sumx2py2, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "sumxmy2", "AA", "array1,array2", &help_sumxmy2, gnumeric_sumxmy2, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "tan", "f", "number", &help_tan, gnumeric_tan, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "tanh", "f", "number", &help_tanh, gnumeric_tanh, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "trunc", "f|f", "number,digits", &help_trunc, gnumeric_trunc, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "pi", "", "", &help_pi, gnumeric_pi, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "mmult", "AA", "array1,array2", &help_mmult, gnumeric_mmult, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "minverse","A", "array", &help_minverse, gnumeric_minverse, NULL, NULL, NULL },
{ "mdeterm", "A", "array[,matrix_type[,bandsize]]", &help_mdeterm, gnumeric_mdeterm, NULL, NULL, NULL },
#if 0
function_add_args (cat, "logmdeterm", "A|si",
&help_logmdeterm, gnumeric_logmdeterm);
{ "logmdeterm", "A|si", "array[,matrix_type[,bandsize]]",
&help_logmdeterm, gnumeric_logmdeterm, NULL, NULL, NULL },
/* FIXME: Should be merged into the above. */
static const struct {
const char *func;
AutoFormatTypes typ;
} af_info[] = {
{ "ceil", AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT },
{ "ceiling", AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT },
{ "floor", AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT },
{ "mround", AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT },
{ "round", AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT },
{ "roundup", AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT },
{ "rounddown", AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT },
{ "suma", AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT },
{ "trunc", AF_FIRST_ARG_FORMAT },
plugin_init (void)
int i;
for (i = 0; af_info[i].func; i++)
auto_format_function_result_by_name (af_info[i].func, af_info[i].typ);
plugin_cleanup (void)
int i;
for (i = 0; af_info[i].func; i++)
auto_format_function_result_remove (af_info[i].func);
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