Commit d15f8760 authored by Jon Kåre Hellan's avatar Jon Kåre Hellan
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Forgot to commit changelog from src/widgets to previous commit.

parent 5305cde2
2001-05-06 Jon K Hellan <>
* gnumeric-expr-entry.c (range_really_changed): Remove.
(make_display_range): New function. Makes a range, possibly
expanded to contain full rows/columns.
(make_rangesel_text): Use make_display_range.
(gnumeric_expr_entry_set_rangesel_from_range): Return true if
displayed range is different from input range. Save the range
passed in without change. Use range_equal + sheet equality test
instead of range_really_changed.
(gnumeric_expr_entry_get_rangesel): Get range and/or sheet set in
2001-05-04 Jon K Hellan <> 2001-05-04 Jon K Hellan <>
* gnumeric-expr-entry.h: GnumericExprEntryPrivate is * gnumeric-expr-entry.h: GnumericExprEntryPrivate is
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