Commit cafb8fc4 authored by Michael Meeks's avatar Michael Meeks
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Removed ancient 'Baboon' stuff and added 'Bonobo' link.

parent 07415bb8
1999-08-09 Michael Meeks <>
* index.html: Removed ancient 'Baboon' stuff, and added Bonobo
1999-07-21 Michael Meeks <>
* index.html: Updated 'breaking news' so its more breaking :-)
......@@ -110,8 +110,8 @@ project.
As part of the GNOME desktop, Gnumeric will be using the <A
HREF="">ORBit</A> CORBA implementation
to expose its services to the world. It will also be available to other
applications as a Baboon component
(Baboon is the compound document architecture of GNOME).
applications as a Bonobo component.
(<A HREF="">Bonobo</A> is the compound document architecture of GNOME).
<A NAME="plugin"></A>Plugin system</H3>
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