Commit c9a4971e authored by Arturo Espinosa's avatar Arturo Espinosa
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Small sync

parent 601c3888
......@@ -85,13 +85,20 @@ clipboard_paste_region (CellRegion *region, Sheet *dest_sheet, int dest_col, int
Cell *new_cell;
/* FIXME: create a cell_copy_flags that uses
* the bits more or less like paste_flags
* the bits more or less like paste_flags.
* In the case of cells with expressions,
* we need to "generate" cell->entered_text
* from the formula (to get the relative references
* correctly).
new_cell = cell_copy (c_copy->cell);
sheet_cell_add (dest_sheet, new_cell,
dest_col + c_copy->col_offset,
dest_row + c_copy->row_offset);
if (new_cell->parsed_node)
cell_queue_recalc (new_cell);
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