Commit ba01d532 authored by Arturo Tena/libole2's avatar Arturo Tena/libole2

Fixed little bug.

parent afc9dad4
1999-10-5 Arturo Tena <>
* ms-ole.c: Add a comment regarding check_stream performance issue
and fixed English typo.
(read_bb): Fixed bug: tried to mark an inexistent block as
1999-10-03 Jody Goldberg <>
* ms-ole.c (ms_ole_destroy) : Quick and dirty test to
......@@ -292,7 +292,7 @@ get_block_ptr (MsOle *f, BLP b, gboolean forwrite)
FAT "f". */
#define TRY_MARK_UNUSED_BLOCK(f,block,mark) { \
if (g_array_index ((f), BLP, (block)) != (mark)) { \
g_warning ("Tried to mark as unused the block %d which have %d\n", \
g_warning ("Tried to mark as unused the block %d which has %d\n", \
(block), g_array_index ((f), BLP, (block))); \
} else { g_array_index ((f), BLP, (block)) = UNUSED_BLOCK; } }
......@@ -539,9 +539,6 @@ read_bb (MsOle *f)
TRY_MARK_UNUSED_BLOCK (f->bb, visited_add_bbd_list,
missing_bbds = numbbd - MAX_SIZE_BBD_LIST;
if (missing_lps % (MAX_SIZE_ADD_BBD_LIST*BB_BLOCK_SIZE/4)) {
for (lp = 0; lp < missing_bbds; lp++) {
if ((lp!=0) && !(lp % (MAX_SIZE_ADD_BBD_LIST))) {
/* This lp lives in the next add bbd list */
......@@ -1578,6 +1575,14 @@ dump (guint8 const *ptr, guint32 len)
static void
check_stream (MsOleStream *s)
/* FIXME tenix
jody told me (1/oct/99) check_stream causes a performance issue:
"it is accounting for between 25 and 50 % of load ties."
"Its not an immediate issue. The code has been this way for a while.
The only reason I noticed is that I just finished donig some
streamlining of the engine and this pops up as the most expensive
operatiion (by a good margin) now." */
BLP blk;
guint32 idx;
PPS *p;
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