Commit aa65ec90 authored by Jody Goldberg's avatar Jody Goldberg

Missing files

parent 93f11589
......@@ -99,6 +99,7 @@ GNUMERIC_BASE_SOURCES = \
formats.c \
func.c \
func.h \
func-utils.h \
format.c \
format.h \
global-gnome-font.c \
#include "numbers.h"
typedef struct {
int N;
float_t M, Q, sum;
gboolean afun_flag;
} stat_closure_t;
void setup_stat_closure (stat_closure_t *cl);
Value *callback_function_stat (const EvalPos *ep, Value *value,
void *closure);
Value *gnumeric_average (FunctionEvalInfo *s, GList *nodes);
Value *gnumeric_count (FunctionEvalInfo *s, GList *nodes);
Value *gnumeric_stdev (FunctionEvalInfo *s, GList *nodes);
Value *gnumeric_stdevp (FunctionEvalInfo *s, GList *nodes);
Value *gnumeric_var (FunctionEvalInfo *s, GList *nodes);
Value *gnumeric_varp (FunctionEvalInfo *s, GList *nodes);
Value *gnumeric_counta (FunctionEvalInfo *s, GList *nodes);
Value *gnumeric_min (FunctionEvalInfo *s, GList *nodes);
Value *gnumeric_max (FunctionEvalInfo *s, GList *nodes);
Value *gnumeric_return_current_time (void);
/* Type definitions and function prototypes for criteria functions.
* This includes the database functions and some mathematical functions
* like COUNTIF, SUMIF...
typedef int (*criteria_test_fun_t) (Value *x, Value *y);
typedef struct {
criteria_test_fun_t fun;
Value *x;
int column;
} func_criteria_t;
int criteria_test_equal (Value *x, Value *y);
int criteria_test_unequal (Value *x, Value *y);
int criteria_test_greater (Value *x, Value *y);
int criteria_test_less (Value *x, Value *y);
int criteria_test_greater_or_equal (Value *x, Value *y);
int criteria_test_less_or_equal (Value *x, Value *y);
void parse_criteria (const char *criteria,
criteria_test_fun_t *fun,
Value **test_value);
GSList *parse_criteria_range (Sheet *sheet, int b_col, int b_row,
int e_col, int e_row,
int *field_ind);
void free_criterias (GSList *criterias);
GSList *find_rows_that_match (Sheet *sheet, int first_col,
int first_row, int last_col, int last_row,
GSList *criterias, gboolean unique_only);
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