Commit a6c981b4 authored by Andreas J. Guelzow's avatar Andreas J. Guelzow
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learn to spell

parent ff28197f
......@@ -2844,7 +2844,7 @@ random_tool_ok_clicked_cb (GtkWidget *button, RandomToolState *state)
case 1: /* non-numeric probability (DiscreteDistribution) */
error_in_entry (state->wbcg, GTK_WIDGET (state->par1_expr_entry),
_("The probability input range contains a non-numeric value.\n"
"All probabilities must be positive numbers."));
"All probabilities must be non-negative numbers."));
case 2: /* probabilities are all zero (DiscreteDistribution) */
error_in_entry (state->wbcg, GTK_WIDGET (state->par1_expr_entry),
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