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I have just released Gnumeric 0.36, the new version of your
favorite computing spreadsheet. The Gnumeric team came up with lots
of new features and improvements for enhancing your spreadsheet
* Availability:
* New features in this release
This is not a complete list, but we did work very hard this time,
and the ChangeLog entries are not fully descriptive, I apologize in
* Documentation
* Jukka improved the function's documentation and he also
added examples to numerous functions.
* User interface
* New toolbar setup: we now have two toolbars and an emerging
system for creating more toolbars and managing them (me)
* New toolbar items: Font, Font size, foreground color,
background color buttons available for quick formatting (me)
* Quick format buttons on the toolbar: money format, percent
format, add decimals, remove decimals, add-thousands (me)
* Edit/Delete added (Jukka)
* Format/{Column,Row,Sheet} additions (me)
* Implemented DnD support with images using Bonobo (Michael,
requires Bonobo).
* Array input parser (Michael).
* New Zoom dialog box, much improved (Jody).
* Double clicking on row division now auto-sizes (just like
* ESC should close all dialogs now properly (me)
* All dialogs now have a widget focused at startup (me)
* Sheet objects
* Michael reimplemented the framework for sheet objects, they
should behave saner
* Many updates from Jody, Michael to this code.
* Printing
* Per/sheet print-information and print-previewing to match
Excel (Michael).
* Print information is loaded/saved now to the .gnumeric
* Bonobo features
* Excel images are imported using the Bonobo image component
(and soon to be the EOG component Federicoi and Michael are
working on) (Michael).
* Many reference/unreference fixes from Michael to get the
code working properly with Bonobo.
* Excel support
* Improved the image import code for images and pictures
(Escher code) by Jody
* Excel objects are imported by default (this is enabled to
let you report better bugs in this piece of code ;-), Jody.
* Increased row limit to 64k (to match Excel 2000).
* Michael started to drop the mmap usage for loading excel
* LibOLE2 API rewrite from Michael.
* Exports Excel add-in functions (Michael)
* Exports summary info to Excel (Frank)
* Default columns/rows sizes now match the Excel sizes.
* Fixes
* Morten Welinder as usual fixed many bugs and plugged many
memory leaks in the code all over the place.
* Scrollbars should be updated properly now (Jody).
* Internals
* Jody redid the selection code and now it handles overlapping
selections correctly. The code he wrote is easily
accessible by developers by using the selection_apply()
Many bugs are fixed as a side effect of this work.
* Changed to use selection_apply in many spots
* Improved the workbook_feedback code
* Functions.
* PERCENTRANK() fixed (Jukka)
* MATCH(), INDEX() started (Michael)
* LOGEST() implemented (Morten)
* PERCENTILE() implemented (Jukka, Morten)
* New widgets
* GtkComboBox, this is the ideal GtkComboBox (me)
* ColorCombo, a color selector combo box (me)
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Hello Gnumeric fans!
I have release a new version of Gnumeric 0.38. This version is
basically a bug fix release. We did fix so many things in the last
day, that it was worth making a new release of the code.
This version of Gnumeric needs gnome-print 0.8 (just released) as I
corrected a printing semantic error in both programs.
* Availability
* New since last release
* Color palette is the same as the Excel one (Morten, Jody, me)
* Printing features
* Now empty cells are painted with the correct background (me).
* Now we paint the background for cells (me)
* Fixed bug on the portrait painting code (me).
* Fixed bug that made print-preview non-usable, should be
fully working now (me).
* Fixed default header/footer to be printed.
* User interface
* spinbox now gets a nice default value. Set the dialog parent properly (Jody)
* We now register our servers with a GOADID prefix, rather
than IDL: (thanks to Owen for pointing this out).
* Memory leaks
* ColorCombo leaks are gone
* Style leak fixed.
* New translations
* Brazilian (Rodrigo)
* Fixed output to be quiet (jody)
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