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Gnumeric 0.57
* Created xml2pot script, and integrated it with Gnumeric
* Update script to make it more genetic, and work
with the xml2pot script. It actually now requires it.
* Updated the spec file a little.
* Fix stf importer bugs.
* Add "Autodiscovery" feature to stf fixed width importer.
......@@ -72,7 +78,7 @@ Weston:
* Implement DateDif.
* Updated: da (Kenneth/Keld?), de (Karl), en_GB (Robert), ko
* Updated: da (Kenneth and Keld), de (Karl), en_GB (Robert), ko
(Sung-Hyun Nam), no (Kjartan), ru (Valek), uk (Yuri), maybe more.
* Update not new, but not mentioned the last time: pl (Zbigniew).
* Updated: nl (Almer). Not all done yet.
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