Commit 8e5ed05d authored by Michael Meeks's avatar Michael Meeks
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Lots of fixes.

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...@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ excel_load (const char *filename) ...@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ excel_load (const char *filename)
if (!f) if (!f)
return NULL; return NULL;
printf ("Opening '%s'\n", filename);
wb = ms_excel_read_workbook (f); wb = ms_excel_read_workbook (f);
if (wb) { if (wb) {
char *name = g_strconcat (filename, ".gnumeric", NULL); char *name = g_strconcat (filename, ".gnumeric", NULL);
1999-05-23 Michael Meeks <>
* ms-ole.c (ms_ole_directory_create): Setup 'dir' properly
for streams tacked onto chain.
(PPS_SET_NAME_LEN): Removed factor of two.
(ms_ole_create): Updated magic from 0x0003003b to 0x0003003e
1999-05-22 Michael Meeks <>
* ms-ole.c (pps_encode): Fix for NULL names.
(ms_ole_directory_create): Silly bug chaining in filenames.
(next_free_sb): Actually mark the blocks we are using as used.
Re-adjust the calculations for extending the sbf.
(ms_ole_stream_close): Add check on array before free.
(free_allocation): Write the Small block writing code.
(ms_ole_directory_next): Recurse over NULL names.
Cleaned debug: silent except for errors.
Added 'dirty' flag to MS_OLE *, fo write-backs.
(read_sb): Trancate the SB chain to remove appended
unused blocks.
(write_pps): Fiddled.
(pps_encode): Silly bug in PPS name length setting &
setting start to END_OF_CHAIN.
1999-05-21 Michael Meeks <> 1999-05-21 Michael Meeks <>
* ms-ole.c (ms_ole_stream_close): Leak fixed: thanks Morten. * ms-ole.c (ms_ole_stream_close): Leak fixed: thanks Morten.
(read_bb): Silly bug with lengths and header block.
(ms_ole_create): Changed creation method, parallel but discrete.
(ms_ole_directory_create): Cleaned up, bug not setting primary_entr
(ms_ole_cleanup): Fleshed out.
(next_free_pps): Serious bug klonked.
(write_pps, write_sb, write_bb): Implemented.
(ms_ole_append_block): Fix silly bug using sb not bb.
(next_free_bb): Add call to extend_file !
(ms_ole_write_sb): Simplified conversion and killed nasty
critical section checks.
1999-05-20 Michael Meeks <> 1999-05-20 Michael Meeks <>
This diff is collapsed.
...@@ -44,7 +44,8 @@ struct _MS_OLE ...@@ -44,7 +44,8 @@ struct _MS_OLE
* To be considered private * To be considered private
**/ **/
char mode; char mode;
int file_descriptor ; int file_descriptor;
int dirty;
GArray *bb; /* Big blocks status */ GArray *bb; /* Big blocks status */
#ifndef OLE_MMAP #ifndef OLE_MMAP
GPtrArray *bbptr; /* Pointers to blocks NULL if not read in */ GPtrArray *bbptr; /* Pointers to blocks NULL if not read in */
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