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GNOME Spread Sheet task list
* Format engine
The format engine needs to support the following format styles:
That format has four regions separated by ";", they are:
0.0 -- format for positive numbers
(0.0) -- format for negative numbers
"Zero" -- format for the zero number
@ -- format for anything else
This default ordering can be modified if condition specifiers are
included, like this:
[>10]0.0;[>0]"Bigger than zero"0;"None"
If the *first* field includes the condition ([>10]), then the
default 4 components assumed is dropped, and then an arbitrary number
of conditional formats can be specified. The last format is always
the default used in case none of the conditions match.
In the above example:
numbers bigger than 10 would get the format:
numbers bigger than 0 (but less than 10 as they would have matched
the previous rule) get this format:
"Bigger than zero"0
And the rest gets:
Text can be included in a format with quotation marks:
"X="0.0 would render 5.4 like this: "X=5.4"
The use of the backslash should escape the next character (just like
quoting the next character).
** Color specification:
After the condition specifier or at the beginning of the section if
no condition specifier exists, a color can be specified, like this:
** Special keywords:
The "General" special keyword should just use the output of
sprintf "%g".
** Day/Minute rules
"m" Shows the month as a number without any leading zeros (ie,
1..12). If "m" is used inmediately after "h" or "hh" this should
render minutes instead of months.
"mm" Shows the month as a number with a leading zero if
required (01..12). If "mm" is used inmediately after
"h" or "hh" this should render the minutes instead of a
"mmm" Shows the month as an abbreviation (Jan-Dic)
"mmmm" Shows the name as a full name (Jannuary-December)
"d" Shows the day number wihtout leading zeros (1..31)
"dd" Shows the day number with a leading zero (01..31)
"ddd" Shows the day name as an abbreviation (Sat..Sun)
"dddd" Shows the full day name (Saturday..Sunday)
"yy", "yyyy" Shows the years as a number with two digits (00-99) or
as four digits (1900-2078).
"h" or "hh" Shoes the hour with or without leading zeros. if "AM"
or "PM" is present on the format the 12-hour clock is
used, otherwise the 24-hour clock is used.
"m" or "mm" same for minutes
"s" or "ss" same for seconds.
AM/am/A/a Shows the hour using th 12-hour clock. Gnumerc should show
PM/pm/p/p "AM", "am", "M" or "a" for the hours between midnight
and noon and "PM", "pm", "P" or "p" for the hours
between noon and midnight.
If no indicator is used, the hour should be displayed in
the 24-hour format.
** Paste special
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** Context menus:
We need context menus for the spreadsheet:
- Cut/Copy/Paste/Paste-Special
We need the context menus for the spreadsheet to do:
- Insert
Move cells to the right
Move cells to the bottom
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MOve cells to the top
Delete a row
Delete a col
- Cell formats
** Style
The complete cell style dialog box needs to be implemented
Format engine is required.
Format categories
Format representation
Input line for typing a new format
Test display (from using the selected cell)
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** Visual move.
If drag happens with button 3, context menu does provide:
Copy formats
Copy values
move cells toward bottom and copy
move cells toward right and copy
move cells toward bottom and move
move clels toward right and move
Operation on the border:
Button-1: The default option is to just move and asks if
there are conflicts.
Shift-Button-1: moves the target cells and moves
(depending on which side is selected top/left)
Contorl-Button-1: copies the cells.
* File Load/Save
Support for popular formats.
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* Scrolling
** Fix the "make_cell_visible" routine, as the cell
should be entirely visible, not just partially.
** Nice page scrolling with tooltips
** Scrollbar scrolling
* CORBA exporting
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