Commit 81cbeb1e authored by Michael Meeks's avatar Michael Meeks

fix stupid fatal bug.

parent 5e2e700b
1999-09-20 Michael Meeks <>
* ms-ole.c (ms_ole_destroy): Paper bag error.
1999-09-19 Michael Meeks <>
* Killed storage.
......@@ -1403,10 +1403,10 @@ ms_ole_destroy (MsOle **ptr)
#if OLE_DEBUG > 0
printf ("FIXME: should truncate to remove unused blocks\n");
if (f) {
if (f->ref_count != 0)
g_warning ("Unclosed files exist on this OLE stream");
if (f) {
if (f->dirty)
ms_ole_cleanup (f);
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