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GNOME Spread Sheet task list
* Cell editing
Pressing F4 when editing a cell formula, should switch a cell
reference in the following cycle:
A4 -> $A$4 -> $A4 -> A$4 -> A4
* Cell range naming
Finish implementing.
......@@ -59,20 +66,10 @@ GNOME Spread Sheet task list
Add "hints" to the file save routine based on the registered
* CORBA exporting
* Perl bindings.
* Display Engine
* Unicode support throughout
** item-edit
This should be improved to use a cell rendering routine.
which should be shared between item-grid and item-edit, to
get life feedback on the result.
* Workbooks:
** Notebook:
......@@ -82,10 +79,6 @@ GNOME Spread Sheet task list
Right clicking gets:
* Cell selection
It does not shrink.
* Excel importing
BIFF_NOTE ( comments ) importing.
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