Commit 70ccd0fc authored by Elliot Lee's avatar Elliot Lee
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Make 'dist-hook' targets, which copy the .spec file into $(distdir),

Make 'dist-hook' targets, which copy the .spec file into $(distdir), depend upon the
.spec file, so that the .spec file will be regenerated when a previously-compiled tree
is 'dist'd with a new version number.
parent 097d5227
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ gnumeric.keys: Makefile
sed -e 's^\@icondir\@^$(appicondir)^g' < $(srcdir)/ > gnumeric.keys.tmp \
&& mv gnumeric.keys.tmp gnumeric.keys
dist-hook: gnumeric.spec
mkdir $(distdir)/samples
cp $(srcdir)/samples/*gnumeric $(distdir)/samples
cp gnumeric.spec $(distdir)
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