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Hello guys,
I have just released version 0.28 of Gnumeric.
This version main feature is that it adds printing support.
Starting with this release you need to install the gnome-print
* Availability
* New Features since 0.27
* Print support (miguel)
* Improved function wizard (not yet enabled) (Michael)
* New Tools
* Started the implementation of Data Analysis tools (Jukka)
- Implemented Correlation and Covariance tools
- Implemented Descriptive Statistics Tool
- Implemented Sampling Tool
- Implemented t-Test Tools (paired, assuming equal variance, and
assuming unequal variance)
- Implemented z-Test Tool
- Implemented F-Test Tool
- Implemented Random Number Generation Tool with the following
distributions: Discrete, Normal, and Uniform.
* New Functions
* Added the following functions (Jukka)
* Excel support
* Patterns now match the Excel ones (Jody)
* Improved writing code (Michael)
* Excel can load our formulas now
* Text/number work correct (Michael)
* Completed Excel color handling (Jody)
* Improved Excel format support for formulas (Jody).
* Worked on embryonic Excel chart code (Jody).
* File I/O
* Working CSV code (miguel, alan)
* Split between importers and loaders (miguel):
Importers basically lack a probing routine, so for
non-deterministic probing, we use importing instead of loading.
* HTML importer (Rasca Gmelch)
* HTML exporter (Rasca)
* Latex exporter (Rasca)
* Random improvements
* Prettified sort slightly (Michael).
* Major Bug fixes
* Pattern selector works again (miguel)
* Memory leak fixes (Morten)
* SUMIF() and N() fixed (Jukka).
* Many translations updated, thanks to our translators.
Best wishes,
Ok, by popular demand, there is a new Gnumeric release:
Gnumeric "Uncrashable during column resize" 0.35.
* Availability:
New features in this release:
* Uncrahable magic
* Should not crash on column resizing.
* Should terminate properly the strings that get saved
(Morten, thanks, btw)
* Format fixing
* "\" format character is an escape sequence, and should work
on this release
* Memory leak plugs
* Morten as usual tracked down a bunch of memory leaks and
they are now plugged. Thanks Morten!
* Bonobo-land
* Michael added Bonobo drag-and-drop support to Gnumeric. It
will only work if you have Bonobo installed (not recomended
for regular operation).
* Michael also fixed the destruction of objects (for the
Bonobo case).
* Others
* Cursor loading fixed (Morten).
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