Commit 58a49103 authored by Jordi Mas's avatar Jordi Mas
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Update Catalan translation

parent c023b743
......@@ -11955,7 +11955,7 @@ msgstr "El temps màxim permès al resoledor"
#: ../src/dialogs/solver.ui.h:31
msgid "Automatic _Scaling"
msgstr "E_scalat Automàtic"
msgstr "E_scalat automàtic"
#: ../src/dialogs/solver.ui.h:32
msgid "Gradient order:"
......@@ -13449,7 +13449,7 @@ msgstr "Mou al _darrere"
#: ../src/sheet-object.c:286
msgid "Pus_h to Back"
msgstr "Prem per _tornar"
msgstr "Prem per a _tornar"
#: ../src/sheet-object.c:291 ../src/wbc-gtk-actions.c:2074
msgid "_Delete"
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