Commit 54b78932 authored by Pablo Saratxaga's avatar Pablo Saratxaga

reverted 'Moebius' to 'M\xe9bius'

parent bfa57fa4
2001-05-22 Pablo Saratxaga <>
* numtheory.c: reverted 'Moebius' to 'M\xe9bius' as asked by Jody,
until a correct solution is found
2001-05-20 Jody Goldberg <>
* Release 0.65
......@@ -233,7 +233,7 @@ static char *help_nt_mu = {
"The NT_MU function (Moebius mu function) returns \n"
"The NT_MU function (Mbius mu function) returns \n"
"0 if @n is divisible by the square of a prime .\n"
"Otherwise it returns: \n"
"-1 if @n has an odd number of different prime factors .\n"
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