Commit 4afdc104 authored by Jody Goldberg's avatar Jody Goldberg

Some warning cleanup.

parent 746806e6
......@@ -1936,7 +1936,6 @@ static guint8
style_color_to_pal_index (StyleColor *color, ExcelWorkbook *wb,
StyleColor *auto_back, StyleColor *auto_font)
guint rgb888;
guint8 idx;
if (color->is_auto) {
......@@ -2058,8 +2057,6 @@ build_xf_data (ExcelWorkbook *wb, BiffXFData *xfd, MStyle *st)
StyleColor *back_color;
StyleColor *auto_back = style_color_auto_back ();
StyleColor *auto_font = style_color_auto_font ();
guint pattern_pal_color;
guint back_pal_color;
int i;
memset (xfd, 0, sizeof *xfd);
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