Commit 361bb50b authored by Arturo Espinosa's avatar Arturo Espinosa
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My initial attempt at a Gnumeric.idl

parent 5bd81adb
module GNOME {
interface Table {
const short VALUE_STRING = 0;
const short VALUE_INTEGER = 1;
const short VALUE_FLOAT = 2;
union Value switch(short) {
case VALUE_INTEGER: long v_int;
case VALUE_FLOAT: double v_float;
case VALUE_STRING: string str;
exception OutOfRange {};
Value get (in long col, in long row)
raises (OutOfRange);
long set (in long col, in long row, in Value val)
raises (OutOfRange);
interface Spreadsheet : Table {
void set_string (in string text);
interface Gnumeric : Spreadsheet {
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