Commit 33b04792 authored by Kjartan Maraas's avatar Kjartan Maraas Committed by Kjartan Maraas

Updated translation.

1999-06-17  Kjartan Maraas  <>

		* no.po: Updated translation.
parent 6f973846
......@@ -2023,6 +2023,13 @@ msgid ""
"coefficents by which each successive power of @x is multiplied. \n"
msgstr ""
"@DESCRIPTION=SERIESSUM-funksjonen returnerer summen av en potensrekke. @x er "
"basen for potensrekken, @n er frste potens @x skal oppheves i, @m er kningen "
"av potensen for hvert ledd i rekken, og @koeffisienter er koeffisientene "
"som hver suksessiv potens av @x blir muliplisert med. \n"
#: src/fn-misc.c:22
msgid "Argument mismatch"
......@@ -2582,15 +2589,15 @@ msgstr "mmm/dd/yyyy"
#: src/formats.c:50
msgid "mmm/ddd/yy"
msgstr "mmm/ddd/yy
msgstr "mmm/ddd/yy"
#: src/formats.c:51
msgid "mmm/ddd/yyyy"
msgstr "mmm/ddd/yyyy
msgstr "mmm/ddd/yyyy"
#: src/formats.c:52
msgid "mm/ddd/yy"
msgstr "mm/ddd/yy
msgstr "mm/ddd/yy"
#: src/formats.c:53
msgid "mm/ddd/yyyy"
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