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GNOME Spread Sheet task list
* Information formatting
Given a structure like this:
struct {
int type; /* string or number */
union {
char *string_value;
double number_value;
And an Excel-like format, render the value with the specified
format specifier.
* Engine
Keeps track of the actual spreadsheet internal representation,
does the calculation, deals with the events from any of the display
frontends and updates the visual representations based on the events
that it receives.
** Style manager
This keep track of the styles that apply to every cell displayed.
It takes care of per-cell, per-column, per-row, per-sheet and
per-workbook styles and does the style computation for every cell on
the spreadsheet based on the styles the user has set.
** Dislay engine
The display engine is a derived widget from the GNOME canvas
widget: this allows for graphics, widgets and decorations to be added
to the spreadsheet with a minimal amount of work. The GNOME
spreadsheet widget is both a derived type of the Canvas and provides a
specific Canvas-Item that implements the actual spreadsheet to be
*** Cell display engine
Displays the cell contents according to the format
information. This gets specific formating requirements for
the currently displayed region from the engine.
**** Selections
The display engine needs to support a number of display features:
1. Cursor display: this shows the cursor position and
the selection range. The range fill little bottom
right box is displayed in the selected region.
2. Walking ants region: a region that has a walking
ants selection.
3. Cell being edited: Only the external borders for
the cursor are shown, the internal lines are hidden.
*** Graphic dislay engine
As the spreadsheet is derived from the Gnome Canvas, this only
keeps track of the correct zoom factor and addresses the basic
drawing needs required for an Excel-like spreadsheet.
enum style_type_enum {
typedef struct {
enum style_type_enum style_type;
int serial_number;
int ref_count;
} Style;
typedef struct {
Style style;
char *font_name;
} StyleFont;
typedef struct {
Style style;
int size;
} StyleSize;
tyepdef struct {
Style style;
char *format_string;
} StyleFormat;
typedef struct {
Style style;
char *color_name; /* external representation */
GdkColor color;
} StyleColor;
typedef StyleColor StyleBackground;
typedef StyleColor StyleForeground;
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