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Hello guys,
A new version of Gnumeric has been released
* Availability:
* New in this release:
- Greatly enhanced Excel Export, it now handles styles, and summaries are
now mostly complete (Jody, Jon, Michael)
- Linear regression and linear optimization were added.
- Many improvments for plugins. The guile plugin is seeing active
development and many of the dormant modules are now enabled by default.
- Some final Y2K polishing has also been done.
Guessing dates correctly when you enter them (Peter Moulder)
- Lots of core adjustments and stability improvements.
* The beginning of a command interface for implementing error
reporting and setting up the Undo architecture (Jody).
* Make the interface more consistent in a few places (JP)
* Cell sort user interface improved (JP)
* Handles failed file/open and file/import better (Jody)
* Improved error reporting mechanism for Plugins (Jody).
- Functions
* New EURO() function for currency conversions (Jukka-Pekka)
* Few skeleton functions added
* Robustify range checking in a few functions (Morten)
* Improved statistical functions, regression code works with
multi-dimensional data (check ChangeLog for details) (Andrew)
- Printing should be smarter
It should no longer print out the entire sheet, but try to
find the best region to print (JP, Michael)
- Python plugin should work now (Jody)
- More user-visible state is preserved on the .gnumeric files (Michael)
- Various bugs were fixed and memory leaks were plugged as usual.
- Updated Gnumeric programming documentation.
- Filters
Fixed HTML export (michael),
* Installation Notes :
1) Be sure to install the plugins supplied with this release.
Previous versions will neither work, nor be accepted.
2) You will want to clear out ~/.gnome/Gnumeric if you had used
the printing code in other versions, this will speed up
Gnumeric (a bug was there that could slow Gnumeric down).
* Contributors to this release:
Andrew Chatman, Ariel Rios, Cort Dougan, Ettore Perazzoli, Frank,
Jody Goldberg, Jon K Hellan, Michael Meeks, Joe Sakosky, JP Rosevar,
Jukka-Pekka Iivonnen, Kjartan Maaras, Miguel de Icaza, Morten
Welinder, Peter Moulder, Tuomas Kuosmanen, and Yuri Syrota.
Hello guys,
Gnumeric 0.47 has been released.
This is mostly a bug fix release, we have been fixing a bunch of
errors that had been queued on our personal lists and on the bug
tracking system as well as some obvious flops from 0.46.
* Availability:
* New in this release:
* Paste from X applications to Gnumeric should work again (it
was shortly broken) (Miguel).
* Printing should pick a better bounding box (Michael)
* Paste from X applications to Gnumeric will actually do the
right cell splitting and bounding computation in the presence of
cell-separators (Miguel)
* Import plugins should work now (Jody).
* Memory leak fixes to the parser for array formulas (Miguel)
* Entering data into the spreadsheet should not cancel the
paste buffer (Miguel).
* Guile plugin bug fixed (Michael)
* A serious recomputation bug has been fixed (in some
conditions it would make gnumeric loop infinitely) (Michael).
* Should load properly sheets that had empty values (this
causes some cells to display nothing but be considered to
have an empty string, thus breaking computation for any
refence to those) (Jody, Miguel).
* CORBA command context are implemented (Miguel).
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<P>Gnumeric announcements:
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.47">gnumeric-0.47</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.46">gnumeric-0.46</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.45">gnumeric-0.45</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.44">gnumeric-0.44</a></li>
<li><a href="gnumeric-0.42">gnumeric-0.42</a></li>
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