Commit 0612fc67 authored by jpekka's avatar jpekka
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Removed moved symbols.

parent 3f99b014
......@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@
<function name="bin2dec"/>
<function name="bin2hex"/>
<function name="bin2oct"/>
<function name="complex"/>
<function name="convert"/>
<function name="dec2bin"/>
<function name="dec2oct"/>
......@@ -30,24 +29,6 @@
<function name="hex2bin"/>
<function name="hex2dec"/>
<function name="hex2oct"/>
<function name="imabs"/>
<function name="imaginary"/>
<function name="imargument"/>
<function name="imconjugate"/>
<function name="imcos"/>
<function name="imtan"/>
<function name="imdiv"/>
<function name="imexp"/>
<function name="imln"/>
<function name="imlog10"/>
<function name="imlog2"/>
<function name="impower"/>
<function name="improduct"/>
<function name="imreal"/>
<function name="imsin"/>
<function name="imsqrt"/>
<function name="imsub"/>
<function name="imsum"/>
<function name="oct2bin"/>
<function name="oct2dec"/>
<function name="oct2hex"/>
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