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Update the Cell referencing docs in Gnumeric

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<title>Referencing cells on other sheets</title>
<para>It is possible to reference cells which are not part of the
current sheet. This is done using the NAME!CELL syntax.
Where NAME is an identifier (usually a Sheet name) and CELL is a
regular cell reference as described in the previous
<para>Note that if NAME contains spaces, you need to quote the
whole name to allow Gnumeric to group the separate words in NAME
as single name. For example, you should use "Sheet 0" when
referencing the default created "Sheet 0".</para>
<example id="simple-sheet-ref">
<title>Referencing values in other sheets</title>
='Sheet 0'!A1+'Sheet 3'!A5
=SUM('Sheet 1'!A1:'Sheet 1'!A5)
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